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  1. ajst222's Avatar
    Item Description: Mint condition Nokia Lumia 928 in white

    Price: $110 shipped

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked

    Condition: Excellent condition. Screen protector has always been on. The area around the SIM card slot has some tiny dings, but that's it

    Includes: Box and all original accessories, screen protector already installed, and Poetic Atmosphere case. I also have a blue TPU case around somewhere. If I can find it, I will certainly send it.

    Item Location: Massachusetts

    Shipping Details: USPS or UPS

    Payment Options: PayPal

    Additional Info: This phone I purchased from Hopmedic (Rich) on here and it was his originally. I used it for several months and loved the phone. Once I upgraded to my Icon, I gave this to my grandmother to use. I just got her an 822 to use instead. Just looking to sell, no trades please. Trying to liquidate some devices.

    PLEASE READ: The reason I got my grandmother off this and on an 822 was because she said she had some issues with people hearing her. For whatever reason, putting the phone in speakerphone mode fixed the problem for her. When I had the phone first, that didn't affect me. Just getting that out in the open. I don't want anyone to have any surprises and I'm definitely not looking to scam anyone.

    Please take a look at all of my feedback threads on CrackBerry:

    Photos: In my public OneDrive folder:

    Contact Info: PM or reply to thread
    10-27-2014 07:27 PM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    10-29-2014 11:30 AM
  3. ajst222's Avatar
    11-03-2014 06:19 AM
  4. 01mggt's Avatar
    Still got it?
    11-17-2014 03:30 AM
  5. ajst222's Avatar
    Yes I do
    11-17-2014 08:49 AM
  6. carlosirai's Avatar
    Possibly interested
    11-17-2014 08:37 PM
  7. 01mggt's Avatar
    I can do $90 shipped to 37312 today and I'll cover paypal fees
    11-19-2014 06:59 AM
  8. Arpingo's Avatar
    Could you ship in Europe ?

    In France for example ?
    Last edited by Guytronic; 11-19-2014 at 02:40 PM.
    11-19-2014 02:26 PM
  9. ajst222's Avatar
    Sorry everybody, I've been having issues with my PMs! Still available
    11-20-2014 10:57 AM
  10. ajst222's Avatar
    Black Friday Special! $90 if you cover shipping if bought tomorrow (Thanksgiving) or Black Friday! About the speaker thing, my grandmother said sometimes people she was talking to would fade in and out and she wouldn't be able to hear them at all, and putting them on speaker phone would solve the issue. Like I said, the issue never affected me when I used it, so who knows.
    xandros9 likes this.
    11-26-2014 05:19 PM
  11. jonty12's Avatar
    sent a PM
    11-28-2014 10:49 AM
  12. ajst222's Avatar
    sent a PM

    11-28-2014 12:00 PM
  13. ajst222's Avatar
    Item has been sold and payment has been received! I should be able to get the 928 shipped out tomorrow.
    jonty12 likes this.
    11-28-2014 02:26 PM

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