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    Item Description: A Nokia Lumia 1520, black color from AT&T.

    150$ USD

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Locked to AT&T

    Condition: Phone has no physical damage on the casing however the glass for the touchscreen is damaged.

    Includes: A SIM ejector tool and the AC power adapter.

    Item Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

    Shipping Details: Free to anyone in Canada, paid to anyone outside (discuss with me to know how much it will cost)

    Payment Options: Paypal, MasterCard or VISA, however a 2.75% interest rate will be added if you wish to pay via VISA or MasterCard

    Additional Info: The phone is currently locked to AT&T the IMEI is clear however it is financially blocked because the original owner never paid his bills to AT&T (1200$) it will be unblocked after 6 months (May 2015). I have ordered a front glass screen replacement and if it arrives before this is sold I will update this thread with a new price and pictures.

    Photos: wp_20141125_20_49_18_pro.jpgwp_20141125_20_49_26_pro.jpgwp_20141125_20_49_38_pro.jpgwp_20141125_20_50_07_pro.jpgwp_20141125_21_02_40_pro.jpg

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
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