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    Item Description: Looking to buy or trade for a BlackBerry Classic on Verizon. I would prefer used to keep the cost down.

    Price Range: Depends...each scenario and device is different. Let me know what you have and we can work from there!

    Condition: Very good condition. Also would prefer one with box

    Payment Method: PayPal

    Additional Info: Since this is sort of a hybrid of the two types of threads in the marketplace, but primarily a WTB thread, I'll just add the rest here:

    I have a black Nokia Lumia Icon I'll throw in as a trade. The only cosmetic blemish is a small nick near the SIM card slot when I was trying to take off the back. The screen is in perfect condition (screen protector always on), and the metal housing is also perfect. The matte back just shows light wear as black matte finishes do. Included is the box and all original accessories, a cyan Incipio DualPro case, a black TPU case, two extra screen protectors, and a black Nokia DT-900 Qi wireless charger. Pictures are here: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=51E2F...320D2%21368697

    I just feel like trying something different until some Windows flagships come out, and the Classic looks interesting to try!

    I've got nothing but positive feedback both on CrackBerry and Windows Central, so please feel free to have a look.

    Contact Info: PM or reply to thread
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    03-02-2015 09:26 AM
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    Good Luck with your sale.
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    03-02-2015 08:48 PM
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    Good Luck with your sale.

    Darn! Good luck with your trade.
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    03-02-2015 08:49 PM
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    There's a good chance that no one here has a Classic, but it still won't hurt to try! Bump :D
    03-07-2015 02:44 PM

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