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    I have for sale a green Lumia 735 which is in immaculate condition. It has always worn a screen protector and rubberised case (which are included in the sale!)

    The phone is the 'country variant' which means it is unlocked to all networks (aka SIM free) and there are no carrier apps.

    Comes with everything that was in the box when I bought it in October last year from Carphone Warehouse.

    It has had little use, but has been used to test Windows 10. Currently it has a preview version of W10 installed, but I can flash it back to stock Windows Phone 8.1 GR2 if requested.

    A few photos can be found here: https://copy.com/lZDfumwUF0qVbrXb

    Item Description: Nokia Lumia 735 (Country Variant)

    Price: Open to sensible offers

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked

    Condition: Immaculate

    Includes: Boxed, USB cable, UK plug, battery, screen protector, transparent rubber case

    Item Location: NW Kent / SE London borders

    Shipping Details: Collection in person, or your choice of Post Office insured delivery method - at cost.

    Payment Options: PayPal (gift), Cash, Bank Transfer

    Additional Info: The phone is currently running a preview version of Windows 10. I will flash it back to WP8.1 if required. The device is little used, and has worn a screen protector and case since purchase.

    Photos: https://copy.com/lZDfumwUF0qVbrXb

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
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    Congrats on the sale.

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