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  1. suburbanl3g3nd's Avatar
    Item Description: I'm looking to sell my Lumia 1520.3 that I no longer need since I got a new Lumia 950. I'm the only person who has ever owned it and it has spent almost the entire time in a case. However, it has never had a screen protector on it. As a result, it has a very small scuff in the upper right corner (pictured) and almost non-noticeable, sporadic scratches on the screen. I only pictured the scuff because it is the only one I've ever noticed while using it. I can send more pictures if anyone is concerned.

    Price: $250 OBO

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked Lumia 1520.3

    Condition: Very good

    Includes: Two cases (pictured), Micro USB wall charger, several USB to Micro USB cables if you need or want them.

    Item Location: Fort Collins, CO 80526

    Shipping Details: USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Will have tracking number. Whichever is preferred by buyer or most convenient to ship from.

    Payment Options: PayPal (gift preferred)

    Additional Info: I also have a white Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate that I can add in if the buyer would like. I don't use it; but, have no problem keeping it for my Lumia 950, either.

    Photos: See attached

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
    Attached Thumbnails picture-1-attempt.jpg   picture-2-attempt.jpg   picture-3-attempt.jpg   picture-4-attempt.jpg   wp_20160403_17_02_53_pro.jpg  

    wp_20160403_17_02_35_pro.jpg   wp_20160403_17_03_40_pro.jpg   wp_20160403_17_03_52_pro.jpg   wp_20160403_17_04_44_pro.jpg   wp_20160403_17_03_12_pro.jpg  

    04-03-2016 08:14 PM
  2. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    This looks good. I'll give you a free bump, in case you still have it for sale. I enjoyed my unicorn experience and if I didn't have an M8, this would be very tempting...

    G4 Approved
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    04-07-2016 11:21 PM
  3. suburbanl3g3nd's Avatar
    Yep, it is still for sale. I really debated moving on from it because it's just that good
    04-08-2016 10:53 AM
  4. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Will give you another free bump. It was a fun phone for me to use back in the day when I loved big phones - owned an Xperia Z Ultra at the time and when I used the unicorn it felt like tiny. Used to use a case made out of wine corks too.

    Like I said, quality phone...only way I can get one of these now is to trade my M8 and add some cash to the deal. Good luck with your sale.

    G4 Approved
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    04-09-2016 08:54 AM
  5. suburbanl3g3nd's Avatar
    The Lumia has been sold.
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    04-13-2016 06:31 PM
  6. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Congrats to the buyer and seller both.

    Don't forget we have a Feedback Forum. Let us know how your counterpart did. Marketplace Feedback - Windows Central Forums
    04-13-2016 07:38 PM

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