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    Item Description: The bulldozer of the Lumia line, the awesomely awesome Lumia 1320. Yes, it could be yours if you'd like to part with just a tiny bit of cash. This phone is in good condition. There are no scratches on the screen, but the white, removable case has a couple of cracks in it that occurred from me removing it so much to swap SIMs and sd cards (see pictures). There are replacement options all over ebay, if you want to get a new back casing. I've been using the phone with a clear, snap-on case, so the cracks in the casing don't cause an issue. Anyway, I'm wanting to part ways with the phone quickly, so it is priced accordingly. :)

    Price: $75.00 obo

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Locked to Cricket. I chatted with a Cricket rep online, and was informed that they needed the name on the phone's previous account holder for them to be able to unlock it. I don't know why they can't use the IMEI to see if it had been activated for 6 months or more, but that's what I was told. I will call and see if I can get it unlocked.

    Condition: Really good condition. Minor cracks on casing.

    Includes: Phone only

    Item Location: Rogers, AR

    Shipping Details: Free shipping via USPS

    Payment Options: Paypal only. Also, I only ship to the continental US.

    Additional Info: DaHjaj QaQ jaj ghu'vam je'. For the Empire!!! :)

    Photos: See below.

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below

    06-03-2016 03:45 PM
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    Saturday night bump! :)
    06-04-2016 11:38 PM
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    Sunday morning bump.
    06-05-2016 01:39 PM
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    Monday, Monday
    Dah, dah, dah, da, da, dah
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    06-06-2016 09:40 PM
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    06-06-2016 10:06 PM
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    Hey!!! Over here! Buy this phone. :)
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    06-07-2016 08:49 AM
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    06-10-2016 06:10 AM
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    One more bump. Going to eBay tomorrow.
    06-11-2016 09:49 AM
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    Please close, mods. The phone was abducted by aliens, probed, and sent to eBay. :D
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    06-14-2016 04:50 PM
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    06-14-2016 09:28 PM

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