1. vhl71's Avatar
    Item Description:Hi. Looking for a Lumia 950 XL.
    Price Range:
    Payment Method:
    Additional Info:Preferably dual sim and black.
    Also can trade my mint Lumia 950 dual sim Plus cash on top

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    01-29-2018 03:36 PM
  2. PepperdotNet's Avatar
    Did you find one yet? How much are you willing to spend?

    I have two 950XL dual sim (NAM CV) - a white one in perfect condition, and a black one with non-working front camera. I could swap the back covers.
    RumoredNow likes this.
    03-13-2018 10:34 AM
  3. Palm_forlackofchoice's Avatar
    How much for the good one?
    03-14-2018 05:26 PM
  4. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    Shutting this down as OP has been inactive for a couple months.
    03-20-2018 11:02 AM

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