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    Thread title: (WTS) Lenovo Yogabook in fine condition, 4Gb Ram, 64 Gb model

    Item Description: It's a great little media consumption device. I am the original owner and I've taken great care of it from day one. It's been in a skin and a folio style case from the start. I have the original packaging, pen, and unused notebook paper that came with the tablet.

    Price: $200.00 OBO

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: N/A

    Condition: Fine

    Includes: Yogabook, charger, pen, notebook, skin, folio case, and original packaging.

    Item Location: Rogers, AR

    Shipping Details: Free via USPS to PayPal verified addresses

    Payment Options: PayPal Gift

    Additional Info: N/A

    Photos: Please see attached

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)img_20190219_180458.jpegimg_20190219_180454.jpegimg_20190219_180456.jpegimg_20190219_180251.jpegimg_20190219_180158.jpegimg_20190219_180214.jpegimg_20190219_180239.jpegimg_20190219_180319.jpeg
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    02-22-2019 01:24 PM
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    Mods. We can close this one. Tablet sold.
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    02-22-2019 04:35 PM
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    That was quick! Guess i'm not surprised. It always was a cool looking device.

    Congrats to buyer and seller both! Don't forget we have a forum for you to provide feedback on your counterpart.

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    02-23-2019 01:03 AM

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