1. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    Item Description: Looking for a Lumia 1020. Camera grip would be great too, if it's available.
    Price Range: Negotiable
    Condition: Somewhere between Good and Mint
    Payment Method: Paypal Gift or Chase Quickpay
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
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    09-08-2017 11:04 PM
  2. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    Check out dis bump.

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    09-13-2017 01:37 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    LOLz. Good one ^

    If you get a 1020 sans grip, I have a camera grip in black. Let me know if you end up needing it.
    09-14-2017 06:43 PM
  4. ssapre's Avatar
    I have one, sending PM.
    09-16-2017 12:11 AM

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