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    The phone arrived today, speedy timely delivery from Ryan, in good condition. Complete as described, with a very pink case. But hey, whats a color to a man right. ;) I'll figure something out. :)

    Would definitely buy from him again. And it was a pleasure doing business with him. He's been an absolute treat.

    -- W
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    04-06-2016 06:47 PM
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    And here's a few pictures of the phone in its new environment. Complete with the pink case, and its new Lumia sibling that it'll be sharing home with. :)




    And purchase complete.

    -- W
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    04-06-2016 07:12 PM
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    Here's a link to the item I purchased from Ryan:


    Ryan was an awesome seller who provided great communication. Items were packaged up extremely well & everything arrived safe & sound...a day earlier than expected.
    I'm looking forward to using this phone when my contract is up in June. Right now i'm having fun getting to know it.
    Thanks, Ryan, for a great transaction!
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    04-07-2016 01:24 PM
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    Okay, I know this is kind of late. But I wanted to bump this up with some additional goodness, for Ryan's awesomeness. :)

    So the phone is near brand spanking new, sans the cosmetic blemises around the edges that Ryan clearly showed in his pictures. His wife kept it really well. :) And over the course of use for a month or so, which is when I got it in my grubby ebil hands, it has been nothing but a pleasure to use so far. All of it. :) Battery lasts me very well, over the entire day of heavy-ish use usually. And the pink incipio dual layer case has saved me so many times. Because I put my phones through a lot of abuse. Its little brother, the 640 already has a few dings on the shell from the falls it has taken. So who would have know. Go pink! :O The charging port can be finicky sometimes, but then thats life. When you only have to charge it once a day. I dont really mind plugging in the cable twice or something.

    Overall, I'm super happy with the phone. And everyone asks me about the pink case. And I proudly tell them that I dont need the color of a case to assure me about the amount of manly stashed away in there, I'm perfectly man with it.

    -- W
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    06-16-2016 02:12 PM

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