1. jantveg85's Avatar
    I have an HTC One M8 for Windows with AT&T and every now and then, the Band tells me it has trouble communicating with the phone (for Cortana, to be specific). I was wondering if the Band plays nicer with the Lumia, or other devices, or if the overall experience is similar across the board?
    03-20-2015 10:52 PM
  2. James8561's Avatar
    Band is designed to work with all major OS but Windows phone obviously has the most features.
    If you're having Bluetooth issues I suggest rebooting both devices, then if problem still persist, unpair and repair
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    03-21-2015 04:49 AM
  3. Nate Silver's Avatar
    I have the HTC One M8 (windows) on Verizon, and never had an issue with connectivity. However, I never really used Cortana. Recently went back to Android (Note 4) for other reasons (ANT+ support for my cycling sensors).
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    03-21-2015 06:38 AM

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