1. aardvarkie's Avatar
    I originally had my band set up with my iPhone 6 but got tired of constant BT connectivity issues so I bought a cheap WP to experiment with, a Lumina 635 for $45 on Amazon. I now no longer have BT connectivity issues but the data never automatically syncs like it did on my iPhone, I have to manually sync data every time. The iPhone synced like every hour on its own so when I opened the Microsoft Health app I wouldn't have to sync data manually like I do now. Is it normal for windows phones to only sync manually?
    05-03-2015 05:29 PM
  2. aardvarkie's Avatar
    After having the Lumina phone 2 days I finally got notice I had updates available so I installed them and now I no longer have to manually hit the sync button. But the data still will only sync after I open the Microsoft Health app, it won't sync on its own when the app isn't open like it does with the iPhone.
    05-03-2015 09:13 PM
  3. defante's Avatar
    In the battery sense app make sure that the Health app is allowed to run in the background.
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    05-03-2015 11:39 PM
  4. James8561's Avatar
    Also, the health app on WP does automatically sync. It's just that when you open it, it syncs again just to make sure that you're seeing the latest up-to-the-second stats.
    Notice that the numbers only change a little after it syncs.
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    05-04-2015 12:07 AM
  5. aardvarkie's Avatar
    Sync in the background is turned on but is using <1% of battery. The data is not updating in the background, yesterday for instance I walked over 14,000 steps and what was registered on the phone app was only 100, what I synced when I first woke up and opened the health app. The band and the iPhone had a lot of issues which I think apple is doing on purpose. Not only does the BT connection drop constantly, only for the band and no other BT devices I have, but syncing takes forever. Sometimes over 5 minutes and freezes frequently requiring a clearing of the apps cache to resume. I've never had syncing take more than a minute on the WP. Having to always open the health app on the WP to sync is a lot less of an annoyance than dropped connections and long sync times.
    05-04-2015 08:25 AM
  6. William Grafton1's Avatar
    I've never seen that particular issue with a band except when the BT isn't maintaining a connection.
    05-04-2015 02:33 PM
  7. aardvarkie's Avatar
    I'm not using a data connection with this phone, just wifi, and I'm leaning towards that as the issue. I think the Health app looks for a data connection and when it doesn't find one it doesn't try to turn on the wifi radio to establish a connection it just shuts down. Best I can come up with.
    05-04-2015 06:21 PM

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