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    Curious what other peoples experience with the band has been in terms of damage sustained over time. I'd like to get an idea both of what sort of damage people are seeing, how long they've owned it and what sort of usage they've put it through.

    Personally mine is pretty well on its last legs after well under a year (not that I am complaining... I am hard on stuff and I know it so I purchased accidental damage protection and MS agreed to replace my band at no charge without any pushback at all... Just haven't taken it to a store yet).

    I have experienced the corrosion others have seen (though mine is very bad... The pitting extends through the entire charging plate and the HR monitor side is also badly pitted).
    I also have enough wear on the rubber that a couple metal plates are showing though to the left of the display... I am not sure what they are as they do not appear to be battery or PCB related but I keep them covered with electrical tape as they snag on clothing and I am sure compromise the water resistance).
    I have also had every bit of paint peel off the metal plates inside the band that cover the batteries. It seemed perfectly fine then one day both sides has a little blister and within a clue days it had all come off leaving metal underneath.
    Finally the rubber to the right of the display is no longer sealed to the display but instead there is a small gap that appears to be growing.

    Quite a testament to design of the guts none of these things have compromised the functionality... All functions and buttons seem to work normally and water resistance doesn't appear to be effected (other than where the rubber is worn away which I have kept covered).

    Length of time owned:
    Bought on launch day.

    Usage: I use the band all day every day except for a 20-40min charge each evening. I am an avid outdoor enthusiasts and the band is always used to track distance, calories, etc... My main activity is dirt biking where the band has sustained several crashes including a very bad one at nearly 50mph as measured by the bands GPS.
    I also had a job as an industrial electrician in a major automotive manufacturing plant for several month of this time. Here the band was exposed to most of its wear (this is where the rubber band wore through)... An average day was extremely punishing to the band as got constantly bumped, caught and rubbed against things (incidentally the work was pretty punishing to the user as well... An average day burned about 12,000 calories and usually included around 10 miles of walking).

    So given the punishment it has taken I am pretty happy with the bands design though I feel a better choice of materials could have prevented the corrosion issue and I would definitely not complain of the wrist and portion were made of more robust materials (or if a silicone rubber protective cover were available).

    I'd like to get ab idea of how everyone else's bands have been faring along with what sort of use they've been subjected to and how old they are...


    Final note: I have pictures of the damage mine has sustained... I can share them with anyone who is interested... This is my first post here and I am not sure how/if I can do pictures.
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    05-19-2015 01:02 PM
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    Thanks, great post. I'd point you to the existing threads we already have with depressing pictures, but your post is long and detailed enough that it deserves its own thread!

    I guess I can also offer a bit of a contrasting perspective, though for sure I've never had a 12,000 calorie day (either IN or OUT...LOL) in my life. At least not one that I'm aware of, though I did almost complete a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike once. That number is hard to comprehend.

    Length of time owned: Bought a day or two after launch

    Usage: on my wrist 24 hours a day, other than 30 minutes in the morning to recharge. Typically work out 2-3 times a week including runs and some weight lifting. Also frequent 1.5-mile dog walks. Day job is mostly office setting, so not too much physical abuse for the Band. I rarely if ever think to clean it or wipe it down, unless I've just seen one of those "peeling metal" pictures of someone's Band.


    - Glass display: unfortunately one giant gash, thanks to banging into something metal
    - Bezel: major and minor scratches throughout
    - Soft-touch band: generally good condition
    - Clasp: pretty much good as new
    - Charging plate: very small amount of discoloration, one/two very small "blisters"
    - IR/Sensor plate: also good as new
    - Battery/electronic compartments (with screws): left side in excellent condition, right side is pulling away a bit near the Band face

    Given we're about 6 months out, I don't see mine lasting another 6 months. It's nowhere near as bad as many others, but I'm sure some of the minor problems I have now will get worse over time.

    05-19-2015 02:33 PM
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    Interesting that your clasp is holding up as well... The way it looks is cool but I felt as soon as I put it on it'd be the first thing to go... Nope... Clasp works and looks like new... And I wear it with the screen inside my wrist so the claps gets banged up... Might have a few small scratches but it is clearly an excellent design.
    05-19-2015 02:47 PM
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    I've also noticed over the last few months that I'm wearing it tighter (I mean, on a tighter notch), which either means (a) my wrist is shrinking, (b) I'm tolerating it with a tighter fit, or (c) some part of the Band has "relaxed" over time and now I need to put it on a closer setting to keep it in it's normal position. I'm thinking that the last guess is the right one.

    05-19-2015 02:52 PM
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    I've also noticed over the last few months that I'm wearing it tighter (I mean, on a tighter notch), which either means (a) my wrist is shrinking, (b) I'm tolerating it with a tighter fit, or (c) some part of the Band has "relaxed" over time and now I need to put it on a closer setting to keep it in it's normal position. I'm thinking that the last guess is the right one.

    Same here... got mine at the beginning of January, it's a Medium. When I first started wearing it, I had the clasp in the middle notch, but now it's almost at the tightest. I doubt my wrist got smaller, I lost all the weight I needed to lose a year ago. Maybe there is a "break-in" period...
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    05-20-2015 10:08 AM

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