1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    Has Worked well for 4 weeks now every 24 hours have to turn band off and restart so that it will sync!!! has anyone else got this problem or does my band need repairing! as this is not good enough
    06-02-2015 11:16 AM
  2. DroidUser42's Avatar
    What OS is on your phone? Note that the Band may not sync right after coming out of sleep mode, but it should sync some time after that.
    06-02-2015 07:42 PM
  3. Banduser's Avatar
    Hi. OS is Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S3, Band has been syncing all the time since April 14th till about 4 days ago, works well and is syncing all day then about mid-afternoon nothing happens for hours so no notifications etc all I get when trying to sync is Error, No Bluetooth and to turn band on!!! When both are on. Have tried everything and the only thing that works is to turn Band completely off and then on, then it will work fine for about another 24 hours, so it is not working as it should if I have to keep rebooting after such a short time,! Should I send it back for repair as its only a few weeks old!
    06-03-2015 09:41 AM
  4. DroidUser42's Avatar
    I haven't had that problem lately, but it used to be I'd have to shutdown and restart the MS Health app (press menu button, find MS Health, swipe to the side to delete it off the list, open MS Heath again). That seems to have improved with the updates. There was a time or two I had to turn off the phone's Bluetooth and turn it back on again.

    While rebooting the Band kinda points fingers in that direction, it's possible it's not the culprit.
    06-05-2015 06:24 PM
  5. Likwidz's Avatar
    I have and my gf have been having the same problems all of sudden. For a while no prob then last few weeks we have to turn off-on Bluetooth to get it to sync up. Most times that works, but when it doesn't rebooting phone or band fixes it. We are using Windows Phones, so not just an Android issue.
    06-06-2015 12:03 PM
  6. toddsay's Avatar
    My band seems to lose bluetooth connectivity with my Android phone, perhaps a few times per day. It seems like it will reconnect eventually but it may take many hours. What I do to get it back connected again is to go into the phone's settings and turn bluetooth off and then back on again. When I do this the band immediately connects and works fine again.
    06-06-2015 11:28 PM
  7. Oliverspin's Avatar
    Because it's defective.
    06-06-2015 11:55 PM
  8. Banduser's Avatar
    Today my band will not connect to GPS have tried every thing turning it off etc.....this is not good enough for the price. Should I send it back for repair!!!
    06-14-2015 12:01 PM
  9. Tim Stone's Avatar
    Interesting ... My Band was having that problem, and also one of shutting off by itself even with a solid charge. Add to that, it would show it was charging, but not do it. In the end, MSFT had me ship it back to them. Now I'm waiting for a new one.

    In the interim I picked up a Fitbit Charge HR. I'll see how that works out. Already miss the better sleep diagnostics on the Band, but the data reveal on the phone app is nicer on the Fitibit.
    06-15-2015 06:24 PM
  10. toddsay's Avatar
    Hmm, I'm also starting to get that charging behavior (screen shutting off, getting the "battery died" message when it recently had a good charge, and sometimes "charging" for hours without increasing the percentage). Then it'll start working fine again. It's weird.
    06-15-2015 11:21 PM
  11. jfa1's Avatar
    For the last two months almost always I have to fiddle around with the band to get it to charge.
    06-21-2015 10:12 PM
  12. Banduser's Avatar
    Well I got in touch with Microsoft about my band as had to keep rebooting and then the GPS did not work so sent it back and now I have a new one which came 22 June. So far so good as it is working
    06-26-2015 02:27 PM
  13. EMitchell's Avatar
    For the last two months almost always I have to fiddle around with the band to get it to charge.
    I'm having to do this as well. I wonder if the charging pads are becoming contaminated with sweat / salt / dirt. Do you clean your charging port regularly?
    06-26-2015 02:58 PM

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