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    OK, I am a Band newb, but I still think I stumbled into one of the problems with this technology. I know some of the folks on this forum are deeper in the Microsoft world, so maybe you can clarify for me. For reference, I own a Band and a Windows Phone (the awesome new Lumia 640).

    I THINK there are three separate entities dealing with health data but they don't really integrate with each other (four if you count the Band separately).

    1. The app for the Band, "Microsoft Health". Collects data from the Band and displays it on my phone (or PC). It gets its input from the Band, so it doesn't include things I might want to input such as food tracking or weight. Pretty nice, sleek, and easy to use.

    2. "MSN Health and Fitness", a website and app. Great diet tracker, but the step tracker is not tied to the Band (maybe uses my phone's location??) and the app/site has tons of magazine-style articles and extraneous things I don't need to see. Might be good for a more advanced athlete, but as a person just trying to get started this is way too much information.

    3. "Microsoft HealthVault" big data storage for all sorts of health information, most of which I would need to manually input. Looks like it can handle long-term personal medical record management and import data from certain companies (like LabCorp). It also has a food tracker but it isn't as good as the MSN Health and Fitness version, and they do not sync. It also has a step tracker (I must manually enter since it doesn't grab data from the Band). Really, the only useful part of the Vault is the ability to export data.

    OK, so correct me if I am wrong, but these three sites/apps should be integrated with each other, and the Band, right? This is exactly the sort of obvious silliness that keeps Microsoft a step behind Apple and Google.... In my dream world there would be ONE MS-related health site/app where I could input data (food, weight, doctor's records) and it would automatically collect my Band data (steps, distance, heart rate, sleep) and this could all be displayed on my phone/PC.

    Why isn't anyone in Redmond seeing this problem? What work-arounds are you guys using? As a lazy, overweight American I know that making this too complicated is reducing my commitment to change. :-(
    07-13-2015 05:44 AM
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    Microsoft is killing off MSN Health and Fitness (and rumblings about incorporating the diet tracker in MS Health). This was announced last week.

    MS Health syncs with MS Healthvault if you connect them in the connected apps section of MS Health.

    Microsoft is working towards MS Health being the one unified data collection point. They are also working with outside companies such as Map My Run and My Fitness Pal (better calorie tracker than MSN).

    In addition, MS Health can now be used without a Microsoft Band...so i would say that MS is working very VERY Hard to make this as easy as possible for us fat americans (and now brits! :-] and soon Canadians)
    07-13-2015 12:32 PM
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    I don't think Vault and MS Health will merge anytime soon. HealthVault is compliant with all kinds of legal and privacy requirements and has a ton of integration partners. Plus it's not on Azure.

    I imagine in the near future, MS Health will be the day to day go-to app, and Vault will continue to be the big data repository. As I said on another thread, food is the weak link. MS has solved it before, they just need to get it into MS Health.

    As Eric said, Band data will flow to Vault, you just have to connect them. Also, there is a Vault app for Windows Phone already.
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    07-15-2015 07:12 PM

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