1. pvapour's Avatar
    so got my MS band today, downloaded the health app, band connects to iphone ok but when i run the app and go through the instructions it stops at the last page saying that bluetooth is not turned on on iphone! it is and the phone says the band is connected and the band agrees.

    what gives? any suggestions? have wiped app and re-installed a few times and at the same time factory reset the band but get the same message every time :(

    phones software is up to date but is jailbroken, i have an ipad 2 but that doesnt see the ms band in bluetooth, guessing that age ipad is not bluetooth 4.0?

    pretty pissed off that i cant use my new toy so any input would be much appreciated
    07-23-2015 04:43 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Umm looks like the iPhone 4 is not compatible with MS Band?

    Plus the iPhone 4 only support Bluetooth 2.1, not sure if that is unsupported too.
    07-23-2015 11:31 PM
  3. pvapour's Avatar
    damn :(

    same for my ipad 2 as well! doh!

    time for an upgrade then :)
    07-24-2015 05:53 AM

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