1. Moskus's Avatar
    After getting nearer and nearer on giving up on Pebble, I thought I give Microsoft Band a try, it was after all on sale for $99

    I'm on build 10572, and notifications can be delivered immediately or they are delayed up to two minutes. (Build 10549 showed the same).

    Is this a common issue with Windows 10? Has it always been like that?
    10-25-2015 11:39 AM
  2. Qtweeder's Avatar
    don't know about windows 10, but i have delays on windows mobile 8.1 with my band v1 - sometimes they are instant, sometimes they are many minutes late, so i guess its nothing to do with windows 10 per say
    10-25-2015 11:43 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Maybe it is a Bluetooth issue?

    Does delay correspond to times when you have been away from the phone for a time and even after returning?
    10-25-2015 01:56 PM

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