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    I've recently posted about my desire for a better haptic notification.

    Part of the somewhat meek haptic notification of the Band 2 is probably a too small vibrator device.
    In reading reviews, some people have been keen on a longer battery life.
    Others have wanted more screen real estate.

    My comment to Microsoft is: consider a bigger Band in the future. Or perhaps another, parallel, offering: "Mega Band".

    Sometimes smart device manufacturers get tunnel-vision with respect to making things as small and light as possible. But often this compromises performance.

    I've been happily wearing my band for a week now. One thing I noticed is that in comparison to my traditional watches, the Band 2 is tiny and featherweight. I could have been much bigger and heavier and I would still wear it.

    And if it was larger, it could have room for a killer battery. And a powerful notification vibrator. And more screen space.
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    12-07-2015 05:49 AM

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