1. ygtgngr's Avatar
    Band 2 gets its first update today. No word on Band 1. Is that it? One year update support, and only useful update was actually the "keyboard" update. Making Band 2 different can be understandable, but if you fail to take attention from the first version with hardware, using software for this is not fair. Is this just going to end like WinRT? Like poor Surface RT owners are we going get stuck where we are now? Microsoft really should consider adding the new features to Band 1 too, if hardware supports them.
    12-10-2015 12:41 PM
  2. devices_health's Avatar
    Agree, bought band 1 during holiday season and now no new updates.. called microsoft store technical support and they would say updates would be only avaiable for band 2, when told them that i would return the band the guys says oh! for now we only know that it is for band 2 and have no notification around band 1, we might hear soon about the band 1 update too. would wait for a few days to see if they update it else am return it back... hope they get on it soon..
    12-10-2015 08:12 PM
  3. F27's Avatar
    I recently bought the Band 1 and heard about the new update today bringing music controls etc yet we now find out it's for the Band 2 not 1. No word on whether these features will come to the first one which usually means they wont! MS loves abandoning early adopters like with Windows RT.

    As far as I can see the Band 1 and Band 2 hardware is not all that different and the first one is more than capable of implementing the new functionality (how hard can it be to add music controls!). I will be furious is these updates don't come to the first Band which really hasn't been around all that long. Even Apple would support their Watch for longer that this.

    Also why is the Health app not a universal app?, MS talking rubbish about a unified app store when they won't even do it with their own apps. The desktop Sync software and the web dashboard are a joke. This is the thanks people get for going with pretty much the most unpopular wearable on the market!
    12-12-2015 08:19 AM

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