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    Hello everybody. I tell us my experence with ms band 1.
    It was a gift fron usa. Durin two months works fine. Now is the four band that microsoft change me in a year.
    This last band only work a few hours until auto powe off (dont show low battery). I turn off bluetooth, airplane on, daily heart off. So it only works like a 200 $ watch!
    After chat with an microsoft agent, i tell his if its possible to change the 4th band1 with new band 2, with hope of new item hasn't battery issues, and i still wait for a response. I try to send again the band to repair but now appear a shedule task issue.
    Really im tired of this situation. The band is the best i ever see but battery issues is a big problem in this item.
    12-11-2015 06:00 PM

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