1. philxor's Avatar
    I'm inclined to believe this is more a Windows Phone 10 issue, but some emails I get notified on the band over and over again. Long after I've read the email on my phone I continue to get the same notifications for it, but then at some point they cease. Seems to happen every day with at least 1-2 emails.
    01-02-2016 12:30 PM
  2. Acudoc's Avatar
    Happens for me connected to an Android phone also. So annoying, I shut down email notifications.
    01-02-2016 03:34 PM
  3. Nate Silver's Avatar
    I had this happening when I was using an Android phone, but it was because I had the native mail client and Outlook both running, and was getting notifications from both. So far so good with my Windows phone.
    01-02-2016 06:09 PM
  4. DeNachtwacht's Avatar
    True, it seems like a notification setting on the phone itself instead of a bug in MS Band or Health. One thing that actually is a bug in W10m, is that if you've activated both the notification tile and the mail tile, an email pops up as two seperate notifications (mail and notification) on the band 2.
    01-03-2016 04:02 AM
  5. philxor's Avatar
    Yeah I had that going for awhile so I eventually turned off the notification tile on the band. This is some stuck email that I've since deleted from everywhere, but every 30 minutes or so it pops up on the band as if it's a new email. I'll write it off as a bug with WP10, since if I am not paired to the phone I don't seem to get the notification anymore.
    01-03-2016 08:43 AM
  6. Dave47's Avatar
    To add another data point: WP 8.1 (640) no email notification problems.
    01-03-2016 10:11 AM

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