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    Hi guys,
    short question. I have had two microsoft band 2's, because I changed my S to an M after a while but I have seen some strange changements in the battery. On both bands, the first 2-3 charges I got around 40 to 45 hours, but after that it began to decline slowly after every recharge. Now I am stuck at 24 hours on my second band (size M). Could this have something to do with my charger (a nokia wall plug which came with my lumia 925). I find it very strange that the first few days the battery performs quite good, and after that it declines day by day while I'm not a really heavy user (haptic low, screen low, activity monitor off, heartrate on, watch mode rote on).

    Or could it have something to do with Microsoft Health running on my Lumia 925 on Windows 10 Mobile beta?
    01-05-2016 03:39 PM

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