1. DeNachtwacht's Avatar
    I don't have to tell you guys that there are quite some issues with the battery on the Band 2. Dead batteries, batteries that last only 20 hours, bands that stop at 50%... a lot of problems with it around here. But I was just thinking... is it REALLY the Band 2? Personally I am about to receive my 3rd Band 2 device after trading the first 2 with the same battery issue.

    Isn't this coincidence that a lot of people who have battery issues keep sending back their bands? And that others do have no problems at all? There could be 2 explanations for this strange pattern:
    1. if you send your band 2 back, you get a refurbished band back (and therefore have quite a big chance of getting another band with battery problems).

    2. your own A/C adapter! Since microsoft was so stupid to not add a $2 A/C wall charger with the device, everyone uses their computer or old wallchargers from other devices. Personally I really suspect my own wall charger for being the cause of all the band problems: every time I charged my band with it, the battery seemed to last shorter. Probably the current control doesn't work well and as a result the band battery is being damaged because it's being charged with 1.5A or so. What are the thoughts of other users about this? Could this be a custom charger problem instead of a Band 2 problem?
    01-19-2016 10:26 AM
  2. DroidUser42's Avatar
    A really cheap charger could be an issue due to poor voltage regulation and noise. The current draw management is the responsibility of the Band's charging circuit. I'd stick to left over charger that were supplied with old phones or tablets - NOT cheap chargers for who knows where.

    Note that there are two other issues being tracked that play into this:
    One, there seems to be a internal problem with the cable causing the power to be lost when the band is stretched (as when worn).

    Secondly, it has been found that a radio transmitter can cause the unit to shut down, and when re-started, it will claim the battery died. So far, this has only been seen at VERY close range. But I would not rule out the possibility of a signal at the right frequency doing the same at a further distance.
    01-19-2016 03:20 PM

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