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    Most would agree that the iPhone (whether you care for iPhone/Apple or not) redefined how we think of phones and mobile computing. It has gone on to completely alter the technology landscape with a total paradigm shift toward mobile computing. Developers who got in early, with the right ideas have been rewarded tremendously. Those who stood on the sidelines waiting to see how it would pan out are now way behind or but a speck in a sea of apps and accessories.

    Are we witnessing a similar moment with HoloLens? It seems like when it's finally released - HoloLens will change the way we use and perceive technology. I know I alone have a plethora of ideas of how this game-changing technology could be used in all aspects of life. It seems with the right ideas, companies have another shot at that "iPhone moment" to work on the next big thing.

    Or, is it still too early to even understand what this technology could do for us?

    If given the opportunity, would you quit your day job to work on the holographic future with HoloLens?

    What do you think?
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    05-20-2016 03:07 PM
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    I find it surprising that more attention hasn't been brought to HoloLens, especially with how much VR headsets are being hyped.

    It seems to me that AR has far more practical implications than VR. As I see it, VR is essentially limited to gaming and training/learning (maybe video consumption down the line?), whereas AR can (potentially) be used to improve nearly any aspect of life.

    Beyond that, VR related nausea could still be a huge and maybe unsolvable problem (Virtual reality expert doesn't see an easy fix for VR nausea | Network World). Not sure if the same type of nausea is experienced with the HoloLens, but I suspect not as it still allows for viewing the physical world.

    On the other hand, while it's an extremely cool piece of hardware and a good concept, it won't survive if people don't think or realize they need it. Does AR solve anything for average people or is this an instance of a solution looking for a problem? Outside of being incredibly more powerful and capable than Google Glass, what more can it do for the average person that will save it from a similar fate?

    That said, I really hope it thrives.
    05-24-2016 10:50 AM
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    VR is exciting for gaming but it could never be mobile. The market is limited to only some gamers.

    Hololens, on the other hand, could be a mobile device at the consumer level. The biggest advantage of AR is that one can see the real world while seeing the holograms. And, Hololens is a standalone device. I see very strong potential of using Hololens as a mobile device. As the technologies mature (battery and weight are the main challenges), Hololens being a smartphone alternative, or even substitute, is not a dream.

    The biggest limitation of smartphone is screen size - which is no longer an issue for AR. And you don't need to hold it with your hands.

    We have already seen many sci-fi movies where people work and play with holograms - they are not using smartphones at all. Perhaps the general public are not "ready" yet for that next big thing, but it is now already possible with Hololens. I bet AR will become a widespread consumer-level gadget in the forseeable future.

    I have similar opinion as the OP - Hololens probably is the next big thing - while other companies show no interest in that investment, Microsoft are working very hard. That's exactly what Apple did on iPhone years ago. When the technology becomes a success, other companies are too late to catch up.

    The failure of Google Glass is mainly because it has too limited functions. Hololens runs Windows 10 - there are just countless possibilities of what you can do with Hololens.

    I believe Microsoft's ambition is not just on the enterprise. They want Hololens be consumer devices ultimately.

    If you ask me what I appreciate Microsoft most except Windows, I would say Hololens - they are doing something which will change the way we interact and redefine the limit of mobility.

    I hope Microsoft is fast this time - don't even let Apple or Google have enough time to copy the ideas. Make Hololens a hit in 2-3 years.
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    05-28-2016 11:57 AM
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    I think HoloLens could be what save windows mobile.
    Think about it! iphone in 2007 had a worst software compared to smartphone in that year(no third party apps, no copy&past etc;) but it bring a new UI, a paradigm shift, more easy to use. HoloLens could be the same. I should pay whatever amount to have a phone integrated in a pair of glasses(or maybe communicating with it wireless). We should use the phone without watching a little rectangle but having finally our heads up. Everything should be better!
    If the idea likes to people and to Google and Apple, Microsoft could start a revolution, a paradigm shift in which iOs and Android this time should be behind!
    Also i think about continuum: The thing that limit more continuum is : "where the hell can i find a monitor?" this should be no more a problem if i could project an holografic virtual monitor whenever i want!
    08-07-2016 11:56 AM

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