1. ads13's Avatar
    I'm very angry with my L535ds .
    It crashes alot.

    *IE crashes 99/100 times esp. when I was watching YouTube videos.
    * Even another 3rd party apps like Asphalt 8.

    OS: Windows 8.1
    Installed on Phone memory.

    Did you face this problem yet?
    Last edited by Aman Deep Singh; 05-03-2015 at 09:45 AM.
    05-01-2015 05:32 AM
  2. Quhi's Avatar
    I'd recommend you to check your SD card or hard reset.
    05-01-2015 05:49 AM
  3. ads13's Avatar
    I've already done this...
    05-01-2015 06:50 AM
  4. Quhi's Avatar
    Maybe you are running windows 10 ?
    05-02-2015 03:28 AM
  5. AmGaD-SaLaH's Avatar
    Are your running the latest OS version ?
    Stuff like asphalt 8 are you installing this into your SD card ?
    If yes what is the class of your SD card? 4,6,10
    How about your internal space is it getting lower?
    Make sure you got free space in your phone or it will be laggy
    Finally soft reset .. If it does nothing.. Then hard reset would be recommended in this case ..
    05-02-2015 04:37 AM
  6. ads13's Avatar
    Hey guys! This is the another crash during lock screen .
    How is it? Have you faced it yet?
    05-03-2015 09:32 AM
  7. ads13's Avatar
    Windows central app flickering and can't scrolling.
    05-09-2015 12:35 AM

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