1. vipme's Avatar
    On my girlfriends L535 DS, Win 8.1 Update 1, as of today the microphone became suddenly very silent during calls, I can barely hear what she is saying. The phone did not sustain any physical damage, it did not drop to the ground and was not thrown. A factory reset was performed, but the microphone call sound quality did not improve.

    Has anyone had similar experience? Is it a software issue, or hardware defect? Any suggestions how to fix it?
    05-19-2015 05:42 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Might be a dusty or blocked microphone port on the bottom of the screen.
    I've had success cleaning debris from the port using the bristles of an old toothbrush.

    Good luck there!
    05-19-2015 06:08 PM
  3. vipme's Avatar
    Right, I'll make her check that tomorrow, she is now in another town, like 300 km away so i can't inspect the phone :). Didn't have any issues with the L535 till now, not even with the touch screen. Hope this works out fine. Got the phone for 100USD with 2 yr warranty so it wont be a big deal if its broken, but still i want to skip the hassle of shipping it back.
    05-19-2015 06:34 PM

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