1. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    Hi everyone (?) LOL

    My daughter has dropped her 535 and smashed the hardened glass screen protector, and the digitizer.

    Is this an easy diy fix or should I send it off to be done??

    I only ask as Ebay seems to have a miriad of screens but all kinds of part numbers for around 10 - 15. The repair service, by a nokia accredited repair shop want 25.00 to do the job, plus postage.

    I've probably answered my own question here, but what do you guys reckon??
    08-16-2015 11:57 AM
  2. vipme's Avatar
    go with the accredited repair shop, or buy a new cheaper phone like Lumia 435, or Lumia 532, or even new Lumia 535

    eBay digitizers are a big risk
    Mad Cabbie likes this.
    08-17-2015 12:48 AM

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