1. cpm28's Avatar
    anybody can help me how to fix blue screen and a sad smiley on my lumia 535 on windows 10 mobile build 10568.29.. help me pls
    12-13-2015 04:12 AM
  2. FAHMI BASSEM's Avatar
    Try restarting your device using soft reset method... If that doesn't help, remove the battery

    Note that those are just suggestions, not responsible for the results
    12-13-2015 04:21 AM
  3. Joyson joy's Avatar
    Hard reset using hardware combos
    12-13-2015 04:41 AM
  4. yashovardhan99's Avatar
    If soft and hard reset both fail you should use software recovery tool... I hope you've backed up everything
    12-13-2015 06:50 AM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    12-13-2015 02:45 PM
  6. kunal tipre's Avatar
    Only windows recovery tool will help you
    12-13-2015 03:25 PM

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