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    so, i try the insider things and upgraded my phone a couple days ago to wm10, but then i found it that there's just too buggy, like i got my screen suddenly becomes blank and i had no idea how to fix that and i just soft-reboot my phone, it happens so many times.

    so i searched the forum on how to revert back to wm 8.1 from 10, i found ones that using windows phone recovery tools and it seems pretty easy to follow but i got a problem when i try to "reinstall software", here's my screenshot.
    my internet connection is fine and i don't pause or do anything while i downloading this package but the problem still appear, i already tried for almost 5 times and i'm pretty tired since there is no offline package i can manually download,
    so guys please tell me if you have any idea how to fix this issue or something, i will really appreciate it. thanks in adanvace and pardon for my bad english.

    09-26-2015 09:36 AM

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