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    why i can't change alarm ringtone? I have changed the melody from alarm or even music list. I even change sound for all notification section. Even add file to the grove music library. For call melody it works fine, but not to the alarm. I tried cut melody very small(7 sec.) NOTHING. change even to wma format. NOTHING. Put as ringtone recorded sound file from preshes550. Tried ringtone maker. Still nothing. Any ideas? P.S. don't tell me that i don't need that option, how you are always do. Don't like music track on lockscreen pressing volume button, MS answer - whay are you don't like it, every else liked.

    (01.11.2016) seems to be no one can't help. Have last updates, will try insider build version, because worse can't be any way. WP is the worst OS on market today. My phone is this year model, Facebook messenger aplication can be installed only on phone memory and need 2gb, you can't even rate this aplication, because your phone are not suposed to use such aplication.

    after insider update 10.0.14393.351, nothing change. My wanted sound plays on ringtone, plays on sms notifications BUT not on alarm - is in list, plays preview and so and so. Seems to MS are't capable to make anything good at all.
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