1. Sam_93's Avatar
    I just bought the phone couple of days back. During these days I used this set extensively .My os and firmware both got upgraded. I want to point out some quirky things which sometimes irks me.No complain about the handset though .Solidly built. No creaks. Weight is on the lighter side for a handset of this size. Now sure a camera key would have helped, never mind though. One thing is that after I applied screen guard the touch sometimes fails around the corners. It may be problem with my screen guard.Now the OS. OS 8.1 is smooth and quite stable but ther are some silly issues.
    When going to contacts some times in people the pe gets trimmed and eople is seen. Its not bad but more polishing is needed.Apps need more polish. Hill Climb racing keeps on crashing. Hike chat reverts to previous messages even when they are seen and replied.Hell windows central app is paid for windows os almost all required apps are present what needed is more strict quality control.Most big of all you cant update OS without wi-fi. Come on man seriously ? What if I have no wi-fi ? There is micro-stuttering visible not much but noticeable.There is a folder called other in storage sense. Don't know how to clear it. Thats it for now. will keep posting more as I keep using it.
    Overall I am pretty satisfied
    06-04-2015 11:18 PM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Good to hear you overall satisfied.

    Indeed for updates wifi is needed and it is a big problem if you do not have wifi.
    - There are however indications that this "ban" will be lifted in W10 but this still has to be confirmed.
    - A workaround is to use another phone and this phone must enable internet sharing and if you then connect to this wifi you can download updates.

    For micro stutter also see this thread http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...-wp-8-1-a.html which contains some tricks to reduce it

    The apps situation is indeed an overall windows phone problem.

    Basically file with unknown extensions are saved there. But if you for example copy a lot of photo's from your PC to the phone they may be temporary "stored" there until the photo hub organizes them.
    06-05-2015 07:22 AM
  3. Sam_93's Avatar
    found that messenger crashes too . and the most irritating thing duplicates in library. Why Microsoft why ? Deleted videos but still thumbnails in library and cant delete them .And there is too much resuming screen although for few seconds but they are there.
    06-05-2015 02:32 PM
  4. Woodman1914's Avatar
    Since WP7 and my Dell Venue Pro all the way now to WP8.2 and MS 640, I've always had problems with indexing/cataloging with music and video, especially with music (music/music pics that show that shouldn't, or duplicate listings, or corrupted playlists, etc). I hope for WP10 they do a full re-write of this. In regards to resuming screen, I agree, anything beyond the basic tasks and the Snapdragon 400 easily bogs down, wonder how much of that is due to un-optimized app code, since MS apps in general work well and relatively fast.

    06-06-2015 10:41 AM
  5. Sam_93's Avatar
    Actually I am coming from low end android . Thought there would be no lag as every review out there claims and microsoft itself claims windows phone os doesnt lag or stutter or whatever. Still remember those old nokia lumia ads. But still hope windows 10 turns out to be better. And I still dont know why apss are so buggy and dont get updated.
    06-06-2015 04:37 PM
  6. Sam_93's Avatar
    Encontered another issue today that is microsoft push server error can anybody tell me what is it ? Wasn't getting any notification till reboot
    06-09-2015 11:01 AM
  7. luMia630's Avatar
    06-25-2015 04:41 AM

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