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  1. vijay karthi's Avatar
    I successfully updated my phone to super cool windows and it works great in my phone.
    03-24-2016 12:26 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Moved to 640 XL section.

    Ask a Question is for, first of all, Questions, and more urgent ones too.

    Anyways, good to hear.
    03-24-2016 12:42 PM
  3. Olumayowa Odebiyi's Avatar
    The upgrade was smooth and pretty clumsy. No one told me about the risks that could follow. Unfortunately/fortunately I was about to get into the insider ring when the announcement about the update came through. Just updated right away, only after uninstalling virtually all the apps that came with device.

    After this installation, l lost all my contacts. Fortunately I'd stored them elsewhere. That's about my experience on the Lumia 640 xl dual sim.
    Last edited by Olumayowa Odebiyi; 03-26-2016 at 09:27 AM.
    03-26-2016 06:49 AM

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