1. JamesM90's Avatar
    I know this question's been asked A LOT! But I need a new phone. It will be used as my primary phone. Is it worth buying right now or there are newer/better phones within the same price range? (Except Lumia 650. I checked it out and it didn't seem really exciting. It may look better to some people, but hardware wise, there it isn't better in my opinion)
    10-28-2016 06:41 AM
  2. libra89's Avatar
    The 640 XL is a nice phone. With the recent price drops, it doesn't hurt to give it a try. The only newer phone I would suggest in that size range is the 950 XL. There's also been a price drop for that one too. The 950 XL is a powerful phone.

    If you are after that camera experience, go with the 950 XL. If you are after nice battery life and decent performance on a lower price point, go with the 640 XL. It all depends what you are after.
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    10-28-2016 09:25 AM
  3. mikepalma's Avatar
    Easy answer I had both. Get 640XL
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    10-28-2016 09:37 AM
  4. JamesM90's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I might take photos from time to time, but camera isn't my major concern. I'll be using it for some basic tasks, like web surfing, social networks, watching videos, listening to music and some other stuff.
    How's the reading experience(e-books and pdfs) on the display?
    My other concern is the storage. Is 8 GB enough for future updates? Are all the apps movable to an sd card?
    10-28-2016 12:51 PM
  5. libra89's Avatar
    You should be fine with the 640 XL then. I can;t answer your first question because I don't have one.

    Apps are movable to the SD card (most are), but when you update, the apps don't come with you.
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    10-28-2016 04:01 PM
  6. JamesM90's Avatar
    Thanks again. Regarding my last question, what I meant was, is 8 GB enough for future OS updates?
    10-28-2016 04:35 PM
  7. libra89's Avatar
    Thanks again. Regarding my last question, what I meant was, is 8 GB enough for future OS updates?
    It should be just fine, most Windows Phones are 8gb anyway.

    You're welcome!
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    10-28-2016 05:39 PM
  8. Timbre70's Avatar
    Would go for 650. 16 GB is the minimum to avoid any agony when updating os.
    10-28-2016 08:58 PM
  9. xandros9's Avatar
    With 8 GB get an SD card to keep internal storage as clear as you can and you should be fine.

    However, carefully evaluate the Windows store to see if it meets your needs and whether it will still meet your needs if you lose a couple more apps out of what it currently has.
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    10-28-2016 11:14 PM
  10. phuqit's Avatar
    $99 at Amazon or AT&T. For the price it's a good deal. I'm assuming you've read reviews and researched the phone. The display is adequate, same with the camera. Actually quite satisfied with both.
    With Win10 installed, I put most apps and all data on my SD card. Don't anticipate problems with OS updates as I keep most stuff on the card. Did I mention it's $99? Not quite an impulse buying price, but close.
    I download pdf's and read at work during breaks. I use it to do light web browsing, MP3 player (surprisingly good sound), some navigation, and as a phone. It does all of these things well. It performs well, doesn't freeze, and is reasonably quick at most tasks. It isn't my main computer (I've a nice desktop) or the center of my life (though I spend more time playing with it than I should). . I bought a couple of oem flip covers in different colors, and a 64 gb card and am quite content. It's been a dependable device that I didn't feel guilty spending the cash on. Had a 640 before this, my wife and daughter are still rocking 640's.
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    10-28-2016 11:39 PM
  11. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    The 640XL is a great phone. At $99, it's an awesome phone. In my opinion, it's one of the best Windows Phones made in the past couple of years...especially for its price. Just make sure that you're OK with the state of things in the Windows Phone world before you buy. :)
    10-29-2016 12:09 AM
  12. JamesM90's Avatar
    What exactly do you mean by "state of things in the Windows Phone world"? Do you just mean Windows Store and app availability? or are there some other factors to consider?
    10-29-2016 01:27 PM
  13. phuqit's Avatar
    Apps is the big thing. Even Microsoft is putting more effort into developing apps for the other platforms compared to their own. (or so I've read). MS is aiming at the business/enterprise market now, rather than consumers. They have discontinued the Lumia line, hence the fire sale on lumia phones. However, If your needs are for a basic smartphone these are great deals. My post above tells you how I use mine. If you use a smartphone as your only computer, go with android or apple. IMHO
    The platform is not dead, and I don't believe microsoft will abandon it in the near futre or beyond. I still am getting regular updates and really like the OS. Once again $99 for a basic functional smartphone that gets good reviews. Sorry, no pokeman go.
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    10-29-2016 08:26 PM
  14. JamesM90's Avatar
    Thank you guys for the help.
    Bought one couple of days ago, and so far every thing seems good. The first device the guy at the store brought, crashed at the startup and became unresponsive :D
    I was a little surprised that there was no USB cable in the box!
    Now, the big question is: Should I update to Windows 10?
    11-02-2016 10:10 AM

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