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    For all those moving over to the 640(and Windows) for the first time.(It's a big jump!)
    I'm buying a 640 this weekend after having a basic HTC Wildfire S. It started off a great phone after having a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, however it quickly ran into issues with memory, bugs(lack of updates), and battery. Three things I wanted to resolve.

    In making the final decision on the 640, 3 main pointers gave it an advantage over it's over platform rivals.
    1. Memory - having been attracted to the phone/price, I was pleased to find out all MS apps can be saved to SD(Though I didn't know some Android apps had to be saved to phone, thought it was my low-end model.
    2. Bugs/Lack of updates - the two go hand-in-hand. MS already confirm Windows 10, whereas Android don't control updates, the manufacturer does and the version of Android differs from Sony to Samsung to HTC.
    3. Battery - Having the best battery and being able to replace it in the future are important and this last one was the decider. Neither Android handsets I considered had removable batteries, nor a longer lasting one.

    I'm giving up some great niches in favour of reliabity. I'm not a gamer, just a browser and twitter follower. That will do me nicely.

    Who's jumping?
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    04-27-2015 03:07 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Just a point and it's a small one. In a lot of countries the carrier controls the updates. So even though MS pushes out an update it doesn't mean people will get it.

    Also, in the latest update to Android the majority of the manufacturers of latest phones got the updates out fairly quick. The app saved to SD card thing was fixed in 5.0.

    Lastly, don't go thinking WP is perfect by any stretch. It has it's problems as well. A long lasting battery is not what WP is known for... Very few phones have replaceable batteries these days.

    Other than that. Enjoy the phone and hope you like the WP experience. Just hope you know what you're getting into and I don't see you on here complaining in three months time. :)
    04-27-2015 06:57 AM
  3. mgerbasio's Avatar
    For me, going from Android (since Cupcake) to WP (8.1), the biggest problems is not having Google Maps for traffic and re-routing; WP doesn't have anything that comes close and I purchased about $100 in third party Nav software. Here Drive+ doesn't do auto-reroute for traffic and the traffic isn't as accurate as Google Maps. The third party software doesn't have nearly as simple and easy to use interface as GM. This is the only reason I still use Android. I'm in the NYC Metro area and accurate traffic could mean the difference in a 50 minute commute vs a 120 minute commute. There isn't anything else I miss from Android software but I don't use my phone for games or video and found replacement apps for everything I need.

    WP lacks a nice phone, at least using T-Mobile in the USA. I currently have a 635 (only choice) which I recently purchased as my 925 stopped working and I'm running the Win10 TP on it. The 635 is a really great $90 phone but I would like something better considering how much time I spend on the phone and I'm looking forward the the 640 and more so to the 940. As for the 635, the voice quality/sound is no better than passable, the screen loves smudges, no auto-brightness is annoying going in and outdoors frequently, battery life isn't good and not much memory . On the upside, it does what you'd expect from a smart phone, very nice one-handed operation, the Win10 TP is running nicely and is the best $90 by far that I've used. I prefer it over the Nexus 6 which I use.

    I read the press reports about WP and how MS is doing poorly. In the USA there is very little selection available; one phone on t-mobile, three on at&t, two on Verizon and all are low end phones. Not sure why MS seems to be dragging its feet getting phones to market, can't believe Nokia didn't have anything in the pipeline that wasn't usable but, like the Surface line, I'm expecting some really nice hardware.
    04-28-2015 09:11 AM

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