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    Hi all,

    Maybe someone can shed some light on the matter, I have just upgraded to a Lumia 640, and loving it I may add, the whole process in change over from my L620 has been seamless, which is great, with just the odd one exception.
    I have something trying to download as an application, and have no idea what it is. In the app list it is between # and A, is just a grey box and just says Downloading Application, then beneath attention required.
    In addition on the store tile it shows 1, as in 1 app needs attention, and in fact in the store it shows the little 1 in the top right corner as if it needs an update.
    When I tap the attention required it comes up with error code 805a01904, try again later. I cant delete it and it is just sat there, I have done all the OS updates, and not on the W10 Preview program, just the official Demin.
    I have no idea what kind of app it is, or should be and is a minor annoyance having it sat there saying needing attention and highlighted on the store. The only app that was not carried over from my L620 was the Photosynth app as it is discontinued, could it be that?
    Either way any ideas on how to remove it.

    08-21-2015 04:13 AM

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