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    I'd like to see people submit suggestions for things that they do to make things just a bit easier in their lives using their Lumia 640.

    I'll start with one suggestion.

    I picked up a pack on "on-metal" NFC stickers a little while back. Hard plastic NFC tokens, really. I glued magnets to the bottom, and, voila! I've got a refrigerator magnet. I've printed out round stickers to fit with my printer, and I've got an assortment of great refrigerator magnets to make certain household tasks easier. The main one I use in the kitchen is an app launcher NFC tag for Wunderlist to make opening up my grocery list easier.

    I've also got an NFC Sticker on a cradle that sits on my night stand and launches Night Stand Clock.

    What do you do to make life easier?
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    10-09-2015 02:34 PM
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    That's not even something I would have thought of doing. I don't really rely on NFC for anything I do with my phone. But nonetheless it's very, very cool.

    What I mainly try to do with my Windows Phones is find a start screen layout that keeps me productive and my most used applications at the forefront. I try to avoid small icons because they are harder to press. I also use larger font settings so I can read my messages when I'm further away from my phone. (Like at work, and I can't respond to messages but would want to know what they are about)

    I try to create logical redundancies with my app placement so if I need to to quickly switch to an app based on something I saw in my live tile I can. Stop The Music is also a great app to have because I don't have to worry about my music randomly starting up again when I least know it.

    Other things I recommend - don't get it wet. It isn't happy when its wet.
    10-09-2015 05:00 PM

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