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    (I apologize if you do not understand me, I'm using the google translator).
    Hi all, I want to share with you the problem that I have with my lumia 640lte (AT & T US) and for anyone else to happen. It decided yesterday after several days of problems with the latest build of W10M (10586.63) return to w8.1, the process was simple, install w8.1 no problem, just made a little mistake, do not disable the protection against restoration. This would not really be a problem since the first time to link the phone with my Microsoft account and after a hard reset this asked me on that occasion the code which from the account microsoft got it, you put it the mobile and well it worked, but yesterday returned and asked the code but what a surprise when it did not work, I searched the phone on my own to try to regain the code but more surprised when I see that the device was disconnected from my account ( which he never did, unlink). Today I contacted Microsoft support which did not help me at all, tells me that the code has a limit of times which I can use (it seems that the limit in my case was just once) and that the only way to fix it is to take a sorporte center which charged me money that I will not spend truth and although the team will have three months ago and the guarantee must be active I think Microsoft will not pay that.
    It seems that this problem has no solution, if someone who has been through what I could fix would greatly appreciate your help. My advice is for those who have computers with this security system, always disable this protection if they think do a hard reset or reinstalling the software, although it should possess the code to unlock the device, as in my case this no longer works for them . I'm from Colombia and the team is AT & T US. and some questions for you to finish. Whose fault is actually the code that once worked this time I no longer serve me? Does being insider user voids the warranty program team? Thank you.
    01-22-2016 11:31 AM
  2. kashifsayed's Avatar
    Did you buy phone new or used?

    if used then contact previous owner
    01-22-2016 03:15 PM

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