1. DT_17's Avatar
    Any chances of Lumia 650XL? Or 640xl will lack successor ?

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    01-21-2016 09:18 AM
  2. TheChazas's Avatar
    Wait and see.
    01-21-2016 09:23 AM
  3. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Well Microsoft are due to announce the Lumia 650 on Feb 1st. (Microsoft will announce the Lumia 650 on February 1 with little fanfare | Windows Central)
    So I guess we will find out more then.
    01-21-2016 09:25 AM
  4. libra89's Avatar
    I don't think so. More and more it seems like the 650 is the xl to the 550, considering all in all.
    RumoredNow likes this.
    01-21-2016 09:38 AM
  5. anon(6078578)'s Avatar
    Considering they said this is the last Lumia of the year (regardless of whether they meant forever or not) I sincerely doubt it.
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    01-21-2016 09:56 AM
  6. oviedofreak82's Avatar
    If you're looking for a large screen Windows phone, you might want to wait and see what other OEMs has to offer.
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    01-21-2016 10:11 AM
  7. RumoredNow's Avatar
    01-21-2016 10:34 AM

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