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    Who has a Lumia 650? Which Variant?

    What's the good, the bad and the ugly? How long have you had it and what do you think?

    Put your User Review here to help others. The more detail the better, we really appreciate hearing how it performs in the field.

    Here is a quick spec sheet.:
    5" display, 720p, 297ppi
    Snapdragon 212 SoC
    16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM, microSD slot
    4G LTE cat 4 capable (150/50mbps)
    8 MP rear camera, f/2.2, LED flash, 720p@30fps
    5 MP wide angle ffc, f/2.2, 720p
    2000 mAh battery

    We want to see your in-depth reviews here. Also for quick posts about the device as you get used to it, we have another thread as well. [Quick Impressions] Who Has Gotten The Lumia 650?

    Looking forward to seeing both of these threads fill up with 650 goodness!!!
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    03-04-2016 11:18 AM
  2. anon(9813806)'s Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    This is only my second post on Windows Phone, but I've been a reader for a while now, gathering information about Windows phones. So I decided to give back and post a review of my brand new Lumia 650 for anyone who's considering this purchase.

    I got the Microsoft Lumia 650 exactly 3 days ago. It's a single (nano) SIM device with an MicroSD expansion slot. I've installed a few apps, played a few games, put the phone through its paces. I'm coming from an almost-3-years-old Sony Xperia SP with an old version of Android and this is my first experience with Windows 10 Mobile. So let's see how the budget/business Lumia did.

    From the moment I first held the phone in my hand, I fell in love. There's no other way to say it, Microsoft hit the jackpot here. The 5'' form factor is perfect (for me personally), it's easy to hold and work with (even one handed, although the phone does offer special one-handed mode, more on that later). The phone is incredibly thin and even if it's not THAT much thinner than my Xperia SP, it somehow feels half the girth. The weight might have something to do with that feeling as well, since it's incredibly light. The matte black back cover feels very good in hand - it's a tad more slippery than I'd like, but unless you're extremely clumsy, the phone will not slide out of your palm easily.

    Visually, the phone is gorgeous. Again, only owning an Xperia Mini and Xperia SP in my life previously (and thus being untouched by all other phones), I love the phone's looks so much I can't stop looking at it. I probably would've preferred if the metallic elements on the sides, top and bottom were all around the phone (as it is, there are cutouts for the MicroUSB and Headphone jacks), but that's a small gripe, definitely not enough to make me stop looking at the phone.

    The AMOLED screen is really good, the viewing angles are more than you could ever need and colors are very very good. The 650 also offers you the ability to adjust the colors' warmth and vibrancy in the settings, in case you're not happy with the way your photos look. The screen is "only" 720p. Which gives you 297 ppi and that's very good still. I personally did not notice jagged edges nor was I hunting for them. Even in games, the graphics look good.

    While beautiful and slick, the phone still is fairly low-key. It looks sleek, smooth, ready to help you get your business done. I'd say since Microsoft markets it as a business phone, I'd say that's a job well done for their design department.

    The OS
    As a first time Windows Mobile user, I was surprised by some of the quirks. For instance, the phone refused to download any apps out of the box and also seemed to be unable to update the OS. Turns out I had to leave it alone for a few hours. The 650 updated itself and the apps overnight and was ready to go in the morning. This is not a bad thing, but as a complete WM beginner, I would've appreciated a heads-up.
    That said, Windows Mobile 10 is a gorgeous piece of software. The live tiles look great and offer you a lot of information at a glance. Speaking of glance, Lumia 650 features the Glance Screen and you can also have it turn off after a few seconds and bring it back by waving your hand over the proximity sensor next to the front camera. All these features give you lots of information without you having to waste your time clicking things and pushing buttons. That's good.
    The OS is fast, responsive, handles multitasking without missing a beat (unless you're switching between games, more on that later). The phone came packed with Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook) and offers decent features in all of these. They are also quite workable on the 5'' screen. Cortana is a big help again, very much as on the PCs. You do need to be connected to the Internet for her to work, but she's been very helpful.

    Microsoft Edge is the default browser and Bing is the default search engine. I use both on my PC as well and I'm happy with their performance. Edge especially is quick to load up websites and works as expected. I asked a YouTuber who owns both 650 and 640 about the browsing performance and he told me he didn't notice any big differences. As everything in this review, take it with a grain of salt - my previous phone was REALLY old, so the fact that I like the browsing speed on the 650 might not mean it's as lightning quick as on WM flagships, or even Android flagships. On the other hand, the waits for webpages to load are short enough and they don't frustrate me at all, so it's all good IMO.

    I've heard horror stories about the Windows Mobile 10 and I'm happy to report I haven't had any big problems yet - no random reboots, no big crashes. Apps have crashed on me a handful of times, but they are very quick to start back up, so you won't be cursing the phone too much. It is a tad inconvenient, I'm not gonna lie.

    Another thing I can never stop hearing about is the "app-gap". I should probably say that I'm not a big app hoarder nor am I a gamer, so I don't feel the app-gap at all. I only downloaded a handful of apps (like Facebook Messenger, banking app, etc.) which work just like on Android. It's sad that the YouTube app is basically just a shortcut to Edge. Other than that, third party apps are numerous enough for me and work as expected.

    One of the nice things about WM10 is that you have the ability to completely uninstall pre-loaded apps. Which I did right away. That's not to say bloatware is a problem, there were maybe 4-5 apps (Amazon, Audible and a few local shopping apps)

    As I mentioned, I'm not a gamer, but I did want to see how my new Lumia handles videogames. I downloaded classics like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope (2), Where's My Water as well as Final Fantasy III, Monument Valley and Asphalt 8. I'm pleased to say they all ran very well (even if Asphalt 8 had to run on low graphical settings and still stuttered from time to time). The "big" issue here would be the loading times. This is bothersome when the game loads the level selection menu between two levels (Monument Valley and Cut The Rope 2 both do this and it's lame). That said, after all the loading, the games run smoothly.
    As someone who's not up to date on mobile gaming, I have no idea whether WM10 misses on any great new games available on Android or iOS. Since this phone (or OS) is not aimed at gaming enthusiasts though, I doubt it'll bother potential purchasers of this piece of tech.

    Battery life
    Well, it's hard for me to judge the battery. I've been using the phone much more than I usually use a phone, because I just can't put it down. Still, the phone lasts a full day with 10-15% to spare, so I definitely wouldn't say the battery is bad or weak. Obviously, the more you game or watch YouTube, the more you'll drain the battery, but the phone itself seems to be very easy on the battery, the OS drains very little life out of the phone.
    The one thing I'm EXTREMELY disappointed by is the default charger packed into the box. It's only 550mA and it takes its sweet time to charge the phone. It might be okay overnight, but if you need to charge your phone quickly or often, you might want to invest in something stronger. I used my Nexus 7 tablet charger (2000 mA) and I got 60% charge in about 40 minutes. I'm not sure what that does to the health of the battery though, so it's probably not a great solution. But in emergencies, the Microsoft charger will disappoint.

    Lumia 650 offers an 8MP shooter and a 5MP front-facing camera. The funny thing is that while my old Xperia SP also featured an 8MP camera as well, the difference between it and the L650 is night and day. The flash is much brighter and the photos look much sharper. Plus the new phone offers much better manual controls (and more of them). Lumia 650 also gives you the option to pick your preferred amount of flash light after the photo is taken (also known as Rich Capture, if I'm not mistaken). The pictures look quite good to my amateur eye, I don't take a lot of pictures anyway, but when I need it, the L650 camera is ready to go in a very short time. I can post a few pics, if you guys want me to, but I assume there will be plenty of sample photos around the net soon enough.
    Same could be said about the video-taking experience. It's quick, it's painless, the auto-focus jumps around a bit (tap to focus works here as well) and the absence of any optical image stabilization is a drag, but once again, taking videos is not a priority for me and even if the video is a bit shaky, the quality is good enough for my personal needs. Lumia 650 only captures 720p video at 30 FPS, so, as with the gaming performance, if you're an avid photographer or take lots of videos, you might want to look elsewhere. For anyone else, Lumia 650 offers decent performance in a good package for a great price.

    And that's the thing - this phone costs 225 in my country - and I got it for just 9 from my carrier. That is a steal no matter how you slice it! The phone looks a class or two better than it should, it takes beautiful photos, it performs well unless you expect it to run latest games at high graphical settings and offers very good integration with the Windows PC ecosystem. The browsing is good, the OS doesn't stutter or slow down. The audio performance is very good, especially when feeding headphones and Lumia 650 gives you a pretty good equalizer function. And for anyone who needs to read or edit Word or Excel files on the go, this is the most important feature anyway. And since I'm one of those people, I'm more than happy to live with Microsoft Lumia 650 for a year or three.

    I only have had the phone for 3 days. I'm comparing the experience to a 2 and a half year old phone and 1,5 year old Android OS experience. I'm a light user and don't game on my phone a lot. Or at all, usually. I will update the review is something comes up or if any of you guys have a question about it!
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    03-11-2016 05:13 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the great review. Balanced and nicely said at that.

    I probably would've preferred if the metallic elements on the sides, top and bottom were all around the phone (as it is, there are cutouts for the MicroUSB and Headphone jacks), but that's a small gripe, definitely not enough to make me stop looking at the phone.
    FWIW, those cutouts in the banding are antenna gaps needed for signal strength and reliability. In other models they appear as two small strips on the top and bottom both...


    It looks to me that the design of Lumia 650 actually yields more "reception area." How is your signal strength and hold?
    03-11-2016 12:02 PM
  4. anon(9813806)'s Avatar
    FWIW, those cutouts in the banding are antenna gaps needed for signal strength and reliability.
    Yeah, that makes sense. My signal strength is very good, haven't had a problem yet, although I've only been staying in urban areas. I do have stronger signal than on my old Xperia SP and my dad's Lumia 925 so that's probably a good thing.
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    03-11-2016 12:29 PM
  5. jzj_3's Avatar
    Great review, can you please confirm if the Lumia 650 has a compass?
    03-18-2016 01:17 AM
  6. iJohnnyCash's Avatar
    Great review, can you please confirm if the Lumia 650 has a compass?
    No :/
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    03-18-2016 03:02 AM
  7. Paul1266's Avatar
    Good balanced review. You should try the Metrotube app if you haven't already.
    03-18-2016 03:09 AM
  8. anon(9813806)'s Avatar
    Thanks. And I'll check out Metrotube as well, although I've found out that the App+Edge combo works fine. Maybe that's cause I don't watch youtube on my phone that often.

    Also, the phone does not have a compass. It does not hinder it's ability to navigate around the map though if that's your concern.

    Anyway, just a few more additions to my review:

    1) I've showed the phone off to a few more people now and they all are very happy with the looks. A friend of mine - an iPhone 5 owner, was amazed at how light the phone is and how great it feels in hand for the price. So it's definitely a stunner.

    2) I've found the OS to be enjoyable to work with after a few weeks now. There are no stutters or any performance issues. I did however uncover a Wi-Fi connection issue that I've read about before - I connect to my home Wi-Fi and randomly find that the phone is no longer connected. When I try to re-connect to this network, it just says it can't connect. A reboot is necessary. It's annoying, but happens only 3-4 times a week.

    Overall, after a few weeks with the Lumia 650, I'm still a happy user.
    03-22-2016 02:08 PM
  9. Paul1266's Avatar
    The Wifi issue does sound like a pain. Touch wood, I haven't had this issue yet. I am 2 weeks in with mine to and overall am very happy with the device. It is very light but solid feeling and is the most aesthetically pleasing Lumia to date without doubt. I've had a couple of neutral punters notice it and comment. Performance is perfectly adequate for my purposes and have only noticed a couple of stutters when using under load. If they had popped a SD 410/12, an adreno 306 and an extra gig of ram under the hood they would have had a monster of a mid-range device but this would probably have added to the price. As it is though, most regular phone users will be more than pleased with this phone. It's an A- from me...
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    03-24-2016 04:35 AM
  10. iJohnnyCash's Avatar
    Some words for me:
    First of all, I am sorry for my English. I will do my best.
    Second I was a 2+ year L1320 user. The L1320 was my first WP and before that I had too many PDAs (Windows Mobile), expect two iPhones between WM and WP.

    With the L1320 I was very happy. It was enough cheap but enough good hardware and perfect battery. I haven't any issue expect W10 and last 6 months the yellow things in screens.

    To be honest the main reason I change to L650 was the W10 topic. The last builds was buggy and for me its out-of-question to have a non-update phone. I was between L640XL and L650 and my final thoughts was that L650 is a complete W10 phone and newer. So I choose L650 and not the L640XL.

    I use now my L650 for 2 weeks or more as my main phone. Let's talk about it.

    The best things about L650: Design and the best W10 experience.
    Is enough well-design, small with very good feeling. The most important is that W10 is running in a very smooth way. No crashes and just a little lags only a couple times.

    The worst thing about L650: Battery.
    I don't know what kind of user I am but I use two push-enable email account. FB messenger and Skype (Btw I prefer Messaging and Video App and not the Skype App. The last one I use it only to call landline/mobile numbers).

    With my normal use the battery is enough for 12-18hours and sometime I'm in stress if I have enough battery before come home. I have of course an external battery* but it doesn't work for me. I prefer to have two battery and charge them separately and external but it was not possible to find a second battery or a battery charger.

    What about CPU?
    Aw yeah, the most debated thing from L650.
    Really, I don't know.
    I have use my phone two times to see netflix and was good experience. It was a good experience. With website the same. All sites loads enough fast and Edge is running enough smooth.

    My worst experience was with Office Lens app. It crashed every three shoots and some shoots was just a green picture. I think is something about CPU.

    Last and more geeky, before I restore my L1320 to WP8.1 I run the Antutu 2. With some feature auto-disabled the score was 10% more than L650. At least at L650 it wasn't something disabled.

    Some extra points:
    • I have enough clues that L650 has more slower ram or a underclock ram.
    • Okey amoled screen has fancy colors and L650 screen seem very fabulous with good dpi. But I have read some articles about amoled and the lifetime or issue with "burned white color". For me those two things are more important from fancy color. Also I think the IPS Panel from L1320 is more brightness.
    • Btw I prefer to see as more as I can information in my screen show I choose in display the 150% size. With that setting the UI from some app is more complete and I prefer that. On the other hand sometime its difficult to use the navigation bar but maybe that is something about the glass protection** I use.
    • Maybe I am only guy that prefer the hardware buttons/navigation bar.
    • It has a perfect microphone. I am very pleasure with L650 as recording device.

    I am enough glad with my L650. I bought the white one. Of course want bigger battery or a better processor but W10 as mobile ecosystem that suits to me in the perfect way. As design and felling I like too much more from L1320. Also the DPI and the UI from L1320 it seem to my eyes unfriendly huge.

    If L650 will supported with updates or new OS from Microsoft for 2years I will be glad but I have some negative thoughts with amoled and the lifetime.

    I believe that with L640XL I will not be more happy.
    At least now I have a more good-looking and a newer phone.

    * I use this external battery and I think is a nice choice.
    ** I use this glass protection
    *** I use this as cover case. Its nice as feeling and is not external/separate case, its a back cover replacemnt. I was looking for a good-looking protection case and maybe I haven't read enough detailed the desciption. But I like it as design.
    **** Btw I bought L650 from Expansys.
    04-04-2016 08:18 AM
  11. Jakoh's Avatar
    Has anyone experienced any drops without a case?
    That and battery life would be my deciding factor.
    04-11-2016 07:32 PM
  12. Sergiusz Jasper's Avatar
    from one foot on to wood floor battery cover came off and battery fell out , I say use case but nothing broke .
    04-22-2016 10:25 PM
  13. idontknow_anysuggestions's Avatar
    In short it was not as good as I was expecting.
    Overall the build quality was excellent, I mean what you can expect from a budget device. Specification wise I expecting a little more not because I was getting a Lumia 640 xl cheaper than the 650 but because of software experience, I was on the latest build i.e. 10586.218, I got several problems like while opening the action center the animations stutter, the phone often shows up "loading" screens even in settings, I never got these issues in the Lumia 625 that I now have kept for testing win 10 builds before upgrading my 650 to them(smart, right?), storage is plenty(16gbs) for me, I installed some games like age of empires, despicable me, asphalt 8,etc they all seem to run without any stuttering, however Farmville 2 is the one that this phone cant seem to handle. My other complains are the viewing problem on this OLED display although the viewing angles are great but if you are watching a movie and tilt the phone sideways or if anyone else is watching the screen separates the colors especially the whites they are most visible.
    Battery life is horrible, the phone in sleep lasts about 12 hours, and in use reduce that to 4-5 hrs max.
    Also, take my advise and don't put a GLASS guard on this phone touch sensitivity is horrible, it doesn't recognize my finger, I can use my phone with my thumb ONLY.
    These are my problems and sometimes I am really annoyed by this phone, seriously, if you are looking for a budget phone, my advise is go for a Lumia 640 xl as it has a compass and a bigger battery and official windows 10 mobile support. Other than that, oh yes the cameras both are great except for only 720p recording even the 8MP cant do full HD(shame), my 625 having a 5MP camera can record a full HD video.

    NOTE: This is not edited nor evaluated second time so if you found any mistakes in the review just ignore!
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    05-11-2016 09:29 AM
  14. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    I own a 650, used it in Threshold and now in latest Redstone build.
    I haven't any iussue you wrote. First of all the battery lasting, even on Redstone beta build.
    For that budget that's an excellent phone.

    I suggest you to hard reset, that's clear o.s. and core apps installation got some iussue to fix
    05-11-2016 09:45 AM
  15. patcherd's Avatar
    I have experienced a couple of minor problems too with the touch screen, but for the most part it is a pretty smooth operating and snappy little phone I find.
    I don't do games on this, so can't comment on that.
    My uses are really just basic things anyway like talk,text,watch videos and read. I also use the navigation quite a bit. So for my purposes this is a perfectly adequate device.

    Battery life depends on what I'm doing. I can easily get a whole day with light to moderate use, but video watching heavily will kill it in a few hours.

    I for one love the screen on the 650. I thought I heard this phone was water resistant /proof ? Anyway the screen doesn't smudge heavily at all, fingerprints wipe off easily and the slippery smooth feel of the screen is great to use.

    If this is the last of the Lumia's I hope to keep it for a long time to come Lord willing.
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    05-11-2016 09:45 AM
  16. idontknow_anysuggestions's Avatar
    Originally posted by Maurizio Troso
    I own a 650, used it in Threshold and now in latest Redstone build.
    I haven't any iussue you wrote. First of all the battery lasting, even on Redstone beta build.
    For that budget that's an excellent phone.

    I suggest you to hard reset, that's clear o.s. and core apps installation got some iussue to fix
    I updated my Phone to 10586.318 and I think my issues are fixed not all of them (touch being a major one), but the battery life has increased alot.
    Still the action centre animation stutters, is this the case in your phone too?
    05-12-2016 02:12 PM
  17. Stephen Pedersen1's Avatar
    The phone is dangerously thin and light. It almost feels flimsy. It doesn't have that premium feel to it, which would give one the confidence that it won't bend or break. The battery could have more juice to it. It will get you through a day though with moderate use. I don't like the plastic ring between the metal frame and the screen either. I wish it was cornered, but this would be expected of a premium phone, nt a $200 phone. I love the OS. It's light years ahead of android I believe. I don't know about the iPhone OS though. I haven't used one of those before. The only drawback, I believe, is the app gap, which is absolutely not a problem for me. The software is solid, and it's only getting better. The 16 gigs of internal memory is enough for everything in general, unless you love to download music. There is a microsd card slot for that. Overall, it's a good phone for $200, I just wish it had durable feel to it. Don't put this phone in your back pocket!
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    05-12-2016 08:06 PM
  18. patcherd's Avatar
    I don't find the phone to be flimsy at all. The aluminum frame is very solid. I had it in my back pocket and sat down forgetting it was there. When I realized it I pulled it out with no damage to the phone at all. Though to add, it was in a case so maybe that helped.
    Yes it is thin, but it certainly isn't flimsy.
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    05-31-2016 05:16 PM
  19. romant56's Avatar
    Just wanted to add that I love this phone. I have the Cricket single SIM version and it works great with the release OS and the recent Redstone betas. (I went back to the release OS because the store is still really buggy on the newer versions, but that has nothing to do with this phone.)

    It's really thin, really light, and I have no problems with the battery. Remember that this a budget phone with just one gig of RAM - it's not going to be the fastest phone on the market. For me, it's perfect.
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    06-19-2016 07:29 PM
  20. BuzzinBear's Avatar
    I bought a Lumia 650 - huge mistake. The phone looks good, has a great screen and is a good price but that's it.
    I wasn't expecting the performance of premium phone, but I was expecting it to work properly and be usable, if a little slow.
    The basic phone seems to work reasonably well, but using apps is a different story.
    Outlook - doesn't update live tile, messages download incomplete so I can only see half the email
    Facebook - Have to open it twice as it always crashes the first time
    The Guardian - Woefully slow, menu selections take 5-6 seconds just to recognise you pressed an option leaving you wondering if it is going to do anything.
    Tunein Radio - Continues to stream and eat battery life even when stopped or paused in the app, and even when I close the app. Only way to stop the stream is to switch off the phone! This happens both on WiFi and mobile data!
    Myradiopro - Also continues to stream and eat battery life even when stopped or paused in the app, and even when I close the app. Only way to stop the stream is to switch off the phone! This happens both on WiFi and mobile data!
    Spotify - Gets stuck on resume screen regularly
    Other apps I want to use just don't work

    I have soft reset, reinstalled apps, hard reset (both restore from backup and set up as new phone), but it has made no difference.

    I'm not disappointed, I am angry that Microsoft can inflict this phone & OS on the public. Fit for purpose it certainly isn't. My old Lumia 1020 with a broken screen works better than my 650, both using Win10 but neither are as good as Android or iOS.

    The Lumia 650 using Win10 is the worst phone I have ever used. I don't know whether to try and find another fool to buy it or just smash it to pieces.
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    09-13-2016 06:33 PM
  21. patcherd's Avatar
    You could have just gotten a bad device...it happens. Get a refund or a replacement. I could see if you had a couple of bad 650's that would be a problem...but it's only the one. You have nothing to lose
    09-13-2016 07:03 PM
  22. Mach_E's Avatar
    I bought a Lumia 650 - huge mistake. The phone looks good, has a great screen and is a good price but that's it.
    I wasn't expecting the performance of premium phone, but I was expecting it to work properly and be usable, if a little slow....
    The Lumia 650 using Win10 is the worst phone I have ever used. I don't know whether to try and find another fool to buy it or just smash it to pieces.

    I have no issues with my phone... It is running AU build very well.

    May be you should update to AU if not done so.
    To stop radio streaming apps, i am not sure if this will work but in WP8 we used to have some apps which would stop the music completely. Try one of those.
    Outlook live tile works perfectly for me. I have a Microsoft account.
    Facebook is a large app and a little slow but it has never crashed for me. I use it sparingly though.

    If you still feel a need to smash it let me know, I'd be more than willing to take it off you. 😉
    09-13-2016 07:08 PM
  23. Mach_E's Avatar
    Btw, i use it on 3G or Wi-Fi. Are you using on 2G? Slow internet may be a problem at times.
    09-13-2016 07:10 PM
  24. BuzzinBear's Avatar
    Glad to see it works for some people.
    Phone has AU installed. WiFi is speed is 25meg, mobile is 4G, both of which I assume are too fast for this slow dog of a phone
    Today, Spotify was stuck on resume screen, doesn't show as running, won't open, but is still playing!
    Both the radio apps worked OK in 8.1 on my Lumia 1020.
    Will try going back to the store, hopefully for a refund!
    09-13-2016 08:29 PM
  25. libra89's Avatar
    This review might be slightly premature but it's been 6 days. I probably could have written what I'm about to write, yesterday but I needed it to go through a workday test first.


    -To start, I really appreciate the fact that this phone appears to have a little more screen over the 640 and yet, it's not as wide. It feels like home to me because I also own an Honor 8 and this phone basically has the same width (the difference is 0.01 in) as it. I really like how I can use it one handed without having my thumb feel tired.
    -The design and the screen are both nice. I prefer IPS so that I don't have to be concerned about burn in but I have to give props where it is due.
    -Performance and that 16GB has been nice for me. I haven't found myself frustrated at all.
    -Speaker volume is kind of quiet (to me), but far from barely being able to hear it.
    -The cameras have been a pleasant surprise. Shots have been a bit better imo over the 640 but I haven't done a shootout or anything of that nature yet between the two.
    -The connectivity is pretty good, which has actually shocked me, considering that the 950 and the 550 were both just OK. It did a good job at work (which kind of sucks in general), I was even able to load Instagram Stories at times on my break.
    -As for the battery, that's really been one of the not so good areas. I am able to go into the next day, but barely sometimes. If I run it down to 20-25%, I can make it a day and 6 hours, which isn't bad, but I hate to run it down so low. It seems like I have to do the daily charge thing, which is a bummer.*
    -Speaking of charging, the charger it comes with seems to take forever to charge wow. I'm pretty sure that my iPhone SE charges faster. Also not a fan of that either.

    Overall, this phone has been a surprise in a good way. Windows 10 Mobile has been just fine on it. I am using an unlocked Cricket variant to get Band 12 for data on T-Mobile, no regrets there, aside from no double tap to wake but eh.

    *I use the phone in an average way, but since the app for reading library books on here sucks, I have to use Edge to read my books. Edge needs to improve with how much battery it drains when used.
    11-28-2016 11:04 PM
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  4. if i restore windows phone lumia previes windows gone or not
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