1. Alex Mart's Avatar
    Hello, guys!

    I want to tell you some bad thing about recovering Lumia 650 DS.

    I used Lumia 650 DS as non insider. One day phone said that has OS update. I started update, everything was OK, but the day after my phone starts rebooting, when MS logo appears it reboots again and again.

    I tried to recover via WDRT, but when the process started phone rebooted again and no longer boot after this. Now it's on emergency state: doesn't load, screen doesn't work, doesn't work hard reset and, finally, phone appears as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008" in Device manager.

    When I tried WDRT to recover again it says that "Emergency files for this phone are not available" (on MS servers probably), recover doesn't possible. Same when I tried thor2 manually. Lumiafirmware also doesn't contains that emergency files, needed to recover the phone. Interesting moment that there are no emergency files only for Lumia 650/DS (against 950/XL for ex.). There is no way to extract this (.EDE, .EDP) files from working phones and recover in my case, until MS upload this emergency files on it's servers. I'm waiting for it from February 2017 :/

    Please, be careful using WDRT for recover. Apologize my English, thank you :)
    08-08-2017 03:28 PM
  2. northernpipeman's Avatar
    I dont have a DS handseat, but would the single-SIM recovery work using WRDT? If it did, then you would at-least have a working handset, and could then try and switch it over to DS using WRDT.

    My apologies if i dont understand the situation, and maybe someone else on here with more experieince could help more. Come on forum people - i know therw aren't many of us left now, so we need to stick together!
    08-09-2017 03:07 AM

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