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    I don't often post my thoughts on the forums though I do read them regularly. One of the things I have noticed is that every post sooner or later (often sooner) degrades into the same back and forth arguments. These are:

    1) Microsoft has taken too long to release a new flagship. (Since 950 renders, this argument has changed into Microsoft's upcoming new flagships are lame!)
    2) Windows Phone 7 & 8 are awesome. Windows 10 sucks like a straw stuck in a Dyson vacuum.
    3) Windows has no apps, never has had apps and never will have apps.

    I cant help but wonder if many haven't reached the point of not being able to see the forest for the trees. In response to those arguments, I would like to throw out some thoughts I have about each of these.

    1) Is it even possible that Microsoft knows that no one phone is going to suddenly cause the masses of people invested in Apple and Android ecosystems to throw their phones in a lake and come running by the millions to Microsoft stores shouting "TAKE MY MONEY!" I don't believe anyone intelligent enough to work on the strategy of a corporation that big would be naive enough to think there will ever by a single "iPhone killer." Because of this, they can work towards slowly building momentum through a steady release of quality, spec-improving phones. Beyond that, is it not possible they are holding their "Juggernaut Alpha" until spring, not only because it isn't finished yet but also because releasing it in spring will means it wont be lost in iPhone and Google announcements.
    2) Windows 10 mobile is different. Its a change. The only person who likes change is a baby with a dirty diaper. I really liked Windows Phone 8 & 8.1 but I am also really enjoying Windows 10 on my 1520. I know its different but if they kept it the same, it would have still been Windows Phone 8.1. As for the fact it feels like it is still being developed, it is still being developed. It will come together. Windows 10 for PC was the same way a month or two before its release with some sites saying there was no way Microsoft could squash the bugs before its release date. They managed to get it done.
    3) There is a shortage of apps but Microsoft is doing what they can to remedy this situation. This, like the phone issue, is not going to change overnight but with universal apps and the new ability to port iOS and Android apps, time will tell if the strategy works.

    Personally, I like the 950XL and plan on getting one when it is released. On the other hand, I have never understood how one phone is deemed amazing and another disgusting when they are all rectangles with a screen. There is a difference in feel between the iPhone 6 and a Galaxy S6 and a Lumia but I can appreciate them all. At least none of them are a Kin!

    This is a long rant but I did want to speak my mind. Perhaps among the leadership of Microsoft there is a plan that is better than "throw crap at wall, see what stuck!" Perhaps every press release, leaked render and news item shouldn't be judged as complete incompetence or Windows-ageddon (or Micro-pocalypse!).

    The plus/minus on this thread degrading into comments on ugly flagships, Windows 10 disasters or lack of apps is 14. Let's see what happens.
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    09-29-2015 10:17 AM
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    Good post. And I can relate to your impulse to post it. :)
    But I highly doubt that it will have much influence on the overall "tone" of these topics on this forum. We are all living in The Brave New World. (I'm an old cowboy so I call it The NEW Wild Wild West) There are digital gunslingers everywhere and the bullets cost nothing to fire. So it's pretty constant. The good news is that its all virtual lead, so nobody REALLY gets hurt. lol

    Having said all that, I too carry a 1520 and am sporting W10M on it. I'm not really the typical person to do so though, I suspect. I say that because my motive is 90% all business, in lieu of Windows Phone Fanaticism. (Although I am personally a big fan)

    Call me an optimistic old fool, but I see a lot of sound wisdom in the current strategy of Microsoft. And I personally give a lot of credit to Apple for it.
    Apple's success at changing the business world (since around 2007?) and truly making it mainstream to be "work-mobile", is now, finally, a shared vision with\at Microsoft. And I think now that Microsoft is past the "dabbling-in-it" phase, they are playing to their strengths.

    (I'm not going to give a long winded dissertation of my thesis, out of mercy for you innocent folks)

    I've made calls on the future before and have plenty of misses and near misses. Especially in the eyes of the short termers. (Our culture is SO short term now) But professionally, my long term predictions have been found credible enough that I have been able to provide for my family and put a few through college. Windows 10 is a big deal in my book. It changes so many things and the way many businesses will accomplish things. It's NOT going away. It has barely even gotten started.

    Market Share in the United States Mobile Phone market might get the lion's share of influence on opinions around here, and that doesn't surprise me. But the Big Picture, is a MUCH Bigger picture. (again, just an old fools opinion. :) )
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    09-29-2015 11:22 AM

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