1. BreathingDeath's Avatar
    1. How is the call quality on AT&T?
    2. How is the speaker for long conversations?
    3. How is connecting Bluetooth? Any issues? What make and model care do you have?
    4. Any problems with calendar? Meaning, any bugs?
    5. Can you still pin sub folders(email) to the start screen?
    6. Anybody use Webex? How is it working for you?
    7. Battery life. I know there appears to be some bugs, but would like to know general experience for now.

    Feel free and add your 2 cents on anything else work related. Thanks!
    11-28-2015 11:42 AM
  2. Thorgal Aegirsson's Avatar
    1. Very good
    3. I haven't noticed any problems
    4. Nothing that I could find
    7. In general the battery seems to be quite ok in my phone but other people report serious issues.

    The question you should be asking is the stability of the OS. Or maybe you shouldn't but unfortunately you have to. Many phones, including mine, have a very serious reboot problem. They just randomly restart. In my case it's every 5-15 minutes. Like you, I need this phone for work and this bug renders it useless. I tried many things but nothing seems to help. Other than that this is an amazing device.
    11-29-2015 12:35 PM

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