09-10-2017 12:31 PM
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  1. CRDeveloper's Avatar
    I suggest people who are on Windows IP look at this thread, about 15007 and reboots. I've now uninstalled Facebook and Facebook Messenger based on someone's suggestion there. And am going through the (lengthy!) background app list in System Settings and turning off stuff I don't need. We'll see.
    it worked for mine as well...
    01-18-2017 01:07 AM
  2. phelme's Avatar
    I did manage to source a replacement battery, the correct one it seems this time, on eBay. Yes, eBay again. The numbers all match up, verified with the seller. Hope its the fix, because the first one I got was not genuine and would charge slowly, then invariably drain quickly. I'll post the guys eBay info when it gets here and I test it correctly.
    If you or anyone else who manages to find a -genuine- battery would mind sharing the source, that would be great. I just received one from a high-rated seller on eBay, but when it gets down to ~50% the phone goes black. I'll try and cycle it a few more times and give it a chance, but I'm not optimistic.

    Edit: the one from eBay appears to work now on the latest build, 15014. And this other one from Amazon, is an OEM with all the right markings that works well for me.
    Last edited by phelme; 01-21-2017 at 04:09 PM.
    01-18-2017 12:15 PM
  3. SchueyF1's Avatar
    Having the same issues since the last production build. Thought initially it was the sd card, but it isn't. Think I might go back to the fast ring since I'm getting reboots anyways :| pretty frustrating
    01-23-2017 08:55 AM
  4. Rehan Mustafa Khan's Avatar
    Even I was facing Random Reboot issue especially when Battery Level reaches 40%. I realized that battery was buldged out. Now I have submitted my battery for replacement as it was still under warranty.
    But I am still waiting for new battery since 13th Jan and still not replaced and b2x support team have also taken my old battery. As per them it will take another 10 days. Now I am on my Old and Broken Lumia 920 till I get my battery replaced
    01-25-2017 12:51 AM
  5. Dean Petrovici's Avatar
    Had the same issues with my 950XL. So far, I have 2 suspects: the size of the battery and LTE.
    I added some paper between the battery and the back cover and set the max connection speed to 3G. So far, no restarts and no overheating (the phone is now cool as a cucumber...).
    05-10-2017 03:45 AM
  6. pedmar007's Avatar
    It must be the battery as I just tried a replacement battery since the .297 CU for the CrU and I was a bit taken back to see how all the talk about speed improvements were actually there in front of me but.............it then shutdown!!!!I put back in the orig and the speed boost was gone it was back to its usual self again and I'm still with the restarts and the shutdowns with this battery. Waiting on my 3rd test battery to see if 3rd time's the charm. Don't understand how a battery is so influential to an OS update that before the improvements to the OS, the battery was perfectly fine for what came as stock when the phone was bought.

    Is this more evidence of MS's incompetence?
    05-12-2017 06:20 PM
  7. pedmar007's Avatar
    My 950 XL started random reboot after upgrade to 10.0.14393.189. Not notice any reboot before this.
    I think it's this or one just before it. I noticed these reboots and shutdowns after a particular update but can't pinpoint which.
    05-12-2017 06:27 PM
  8. LuxuryTouringZone's Avatar
    With 157 comments and still counting in 2017, I can't help but wonder if Lumia 950s are bugged with random restarting problems.
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    05-16-2017 09:04 PM
  9. derrieger's Avatar
    First off, I'm new here, so please bear with me. Also, I didn't read the whole thread, so "my" solution may have been added by several people, before.
    I just wanted to say, that the "battery reboot" thing was real for me. My 950XL rebooted several times a day, depending on usage. Including on locking or unlocking, during phone calls, receiving phone calls (not answered yet). I put all apps into internal storage, switched off BT and WLAN (which is none-sense in the year 2017), did a reset/refresh, everything. I even inserted a new SD card and thought about ordering a new SIM.

    Then, after receiving a "compatible" battery as MS was unable to deliver an original one, the reboots were completely gone. The old battery was indeed a very little bit bent / uneven. Almost not notifiable.

    I just wanted to add that for the one user out there who - like me - just doesn't believe in a slightly bent battery looking perfectly healthy but causing a smartphone to randomly crash.
    05-17-2017 04:55 AM
  10. Siddharth Ramakrishnan's Avatar
    Battery is the culprit over here. Replaced the battery and now things are normal. Wondering how most people battery got ruined suddenly. Is it something to do with update ?
    05-21-2017 02:33 PM
  11. pedmar007's Avatar
    For all those who bought new batteries and the rebooting stopped, I want to know at what % did you allow the phone to go before charging it again. Mine went to about 20% and as I was in WhatsApp it shutdown on me. My battery saver setting was at 20% and it shut down just before reaching that setting. True in that I've not had any reboots as I bought and using a new 🔋 and I also did the WDRT on my L950XL. So are the shutdowns and reboots truly gone or are they still there but don't occur as often as before because we charge our devices when they hit a certain %. TBH these devices should run up until 5% charge but I believe it's a battery + OS optimization issue.
    05-25-2017 03:41 AM
  12. bells0's Avatar
    New battery arrived for me 2 days ago. 2 days in, no reboots or random green flash shutdowns!

    Wonder if hammering the battery with quick charge tech and usb-c isn't doing these batterys any good??
    05-25-2017 10:55 AM
  13. derrieger's Avatar
    My phone rebooted randomly at any given percentage and any taken action. Sometimes it got very hot shortly before it stopped responding. So my reboot issues also were sometimes hanging issues. Both were resolved quite completely by exchanging the battery. No random reboot, at all and one single hanging device / os.

    To be honest, I don't allow the phone to go below 20% at the moment, because I have several charging opportunities and can rely on the phone making it 24 hours through the rest of the day with one charge a day. It only went off once when I forgot to charge it, but that's not very representative^^
    05-31-2017 04:43 AM
  14. md_bluelily's Avatar
    My 950xl was in a bad mood due to battery problem. I didn't have a chance with ebay or mytrendyphone (expensive fake battery - £50).
    I came across this one last week and I've not encountered any reboot or crash or anything so far.
    06-24-2017 03:36 PM
  15. kriticalglitch's Avatar
    Microsoft Lumia 950 XL single Sim
    Version: 1703
    OS build: 10.0.15063.540

    Phone ran great for a long time no problems at all. But lately since update ive been getting horrible random reboots and id go to turn the screen on it just flickers green and ive gotta press the buttons for a hard reset. Guessing the OEM battery that came with it is maybe about two years old or less.

    Ran field medic to try and see what is going on also removed all facebook twitter instagram apps

    MoAppCrash Microsoft.Messaging_3.30 is what field medic has reported as the crash problem

    So i went on amazon
    Miscrosoft Lumia 950 XL Lumia 940 XL RM-1118 Replace Battery BV-T4D
    for 25$ shipped hoping this helps the problems

    Will report back. SHAME on MICROSOFT for not caring and also for ending the microsoft band 2. loyalty gets ya nowhere with this company that doesnt care about its loyal customers ive been a user since nokia 1520 windows 7 had barely any crashes.
    09-10-2017 12:31 PM
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