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    6 60.00%
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    4 40.00%
  1. Corvodin's Avatar
    Well, since the opinions on the forum seem to wildly differ, and because it is quite hard to find something constructive on this forum without dismissing it as either baseless complaining or unthinking fan chatter, I'd just like to have a little poll, I don't care about the app gap, I don't care about someones battery being bad and them dismissing all of the 950 XL's as having a bad battery, I don't care if Windows Hello doesn't work for you, I just want to know if the device is functional for you. If yes, vote yay, if no, vote nay. Thank you all, this'll be my last forum post for a while because I seem to be getting an aneurysm because of it, I can now understand Daniel Rubino completely.
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