1. filmalive's Avatar
    I have tried using my Lumia 950XL on the Nokia Wireless charging plate (DC-50), however it appears to charge very slowly, is this correct?

    To put it into perspective, placed on charge when the phone was completely flat at 7pm, but 12:30am (5 1/2 hours later) the phone was only at 64%

    This doesn't seam right to me... The phone was placed centrally on the wireless pad, not in a case, etc.
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    12-07-2015 04:19 AM
  2. mdbuilder's Avatar
    It seems that is correct if it was not plugged in, the capacity of the plate is only 2,400 mah:

    Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate - Specifications - Microsoft - USA
    12-07-2015 08:11 AM
  3. filmalive's Avatar
    The pad was plugged in to the mains at the same time, so it shouldn't be a matter of the size of the battery in the charging pad (and the pad was at 100% before I started charging so it isn't an issue with the mains charging the pad rather than the phone)
    12-07-2015 08:15 AM
  4. ncharlt's Avatar

    I don't have that actual plate but I did do some testing on my own 950 XL (in a case). I used the qistone mobile charger, a Kossee wireless stand and a qifull car wireless charger.

    On all devices, starting at a charge of about 50%, they all added about 4% charge every 10 minutes and in the one other test I did, the wireless stand charged from flat to full in about 4 hours.

    Interestingly, this is almost identical to the results for my Lumia 930. Given the much larger battery on the 950 XL, this actually quite impressive and I'm pleased overall with the wireless charging.

    Hope that helps.
    12-07-2015 09:31 AM
  5. darth furious's Avatar
    I get about 0.5% per minute. That's about 5% for 10 min, 15% for 30 min....give or take. It's not bad and about right for my experience with a 3000mah+ battery on Qi
    12-07-2015 11:57 AM
  6. Musicman247's Avatar
    Wireless charging will always be slower than charging via a cable, just because of the inefficiencies of the technology. It only ends up sending 70%-80% of the power used to the device. That said, I've used my wireless charger every night except the first, and have had a full battery after taking it off the DT-900 every morning after a 4-5 hour charge.
    12-07-2015 12:10 PM
  7. Niklas Henningsson's Avatar
    I charged my Lumia 950XL last night at around 01.00AM with the Wireless Charging lamp from IKEA, and when I woke up at 11PM it was only on 64%, just like OPs.
    Do we have a bug of some sort?

    My GF charged her Samsung S6 with her lamp and it was fully charged when she woke up.
    12-12-2015 05:58 AM
  8. manicottiK's Avatar
    I charged my Lumia 950XL last night at around 01.00AM with the Wireless Charging lamp from IKEA, and when I woke up at 11PM it was only on 64%.
    I want to know how you slept for 22 hours straight!
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    12-12-2015 07:06 AM
  9. wpctrlfan's Avatar
    My Lumia 950 XL charges from 0-100% within 3:30 hrs when actively cooling the setup with an USB fan. Without it depends on perfect alignment of the phone / charger and can take up to 6 hours full charge and a very hot (+40C) phone. The whole situation is really unsatisfactory as I've never had such issues with Lumia 930, 1020 and 920.
    12-31-2015 11:11 AM
  10. bathugeo's Avatar
    I've just got a Lumia 950 (not the xl) and it seems to charge ok on the DT-910. It was slow to start with as it was updating the phone and syncing emails etc. Now that it has settled down, I am seeing a charging rate of 18.66% per hour. I think my old Lumia 1020 used to charge on the same stand in about 3.5 hours so, given that the battery on the 950 is 50% bigger than the one on the 1020, this is about the same rate or even better. The downside, of course, is that it seems slower because over 5 hours for a full charge is a long time. That is, whilst the DT-910 is compatible, the "low power" Qi standard (providing up to 5W) is really no longer suitable for modern phones. We really need to see a new generation of wireless charging stands which support at least "medium power" to charge wirelessly in a reasonable time period. These may well have to include cooling solutions or (better still) more efficient coils to generate less heat.
    03-05-2016 07:39 AM
  11. aetneerg83's Avatar
    I am using the Tylt Vu and I'm getting about 30% an hour. Maybe it's dependent on the Qi charger? I didn't want to go cheap and went with something more expensive. It cost me like $54 for this Qi charger which is pretty expensive compared to everything else.
    03-06-2016 11:36 AM

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