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    So I was one of the unfortunate ones that had 2 phones that could not get the update. I had a road trip vacation planned so doing a reset was not a great option due to time constraints and lack of free internet. The days since .29 was launched were far too busy for me to do a reset. Not to mention it's completely unacceptable to have to do that to a retail OS. One phone was in the insider ring and one was not. I'm only ranting because I feel what was provided by MS has been completely unacceptable. I am one of those fans that keeps getting screwed. This is what is making me question my future of the platform. I really really want it to be good, but thus far, MS has not proved they are serious. There have been too many broken promises.

    Ultimately, my phone wasn't as bad as some were experiencing except on the day that really mattered. Part of my road trip was to spend 1 day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney world. This was the morning the update process was fixed so I was seeing that I could finally update my phones. It was like a light switch was flipped and our phones decided to self destruct. Both phones were throwing low storage errors, which thankfully was only a startup nuisance. Unfortunately we restarted our phones more than we ever wanted to.

    Both phones were in meltdown mode. Extremely hot. Batteries lasted literally a few hours. We spent 14 hours in the park. I only got about 8 hours of usage on my phone and that was after a recharge up to 99% with an external battery. I even shut the phone off to conserve battery only to turn it on and there was another major drop.. Does startup kill battery that much or is something else going on???? For some reason I thought only packing one external battery pack would be good, boy was I wrong.

    Camera, for the most part performed well. There was one situation where I'm not sure if the camera crapped out or if the software just has no idea how to handle the lighting and color of the scene. I have a 2 year old, so the highlights of this day were of her meeting the princesses. Meeting Ariel was the problem scene. For anyone that has no clue what this scene is like, it is a dark room with lots of bright coral colors. They have the photo spot bright enough where our phones can pull out a decent exposure without flash. Unfortunately, the camera left this scene looking Magenta. The people were Magenta, I'm not talking just color cast from light, but like someone put a magenta filter over the image. It was either a crash of the camera, or the camera software didn't know what to do in this situation. I got a good B&W out of it though thankfully. I am leaning towards the camera software needs work on this one. If i wasn't using auto WB, it may have been fine.

    Image saving...... I lost out on a couple great shots because of saving. I ended up having to buy some images from Disney (Thanks MS) that I couldn't snap because the phone was locked up. My 930 would not have had this issue. Shot to shot times seem to be very unpredictable. There was no rhyme or reason to the delay at times. I have some photos where living images make the photo and I couldn't be happier that this feature works so well.

    Reliability was one of my favorite things about windows phone. That trumped any app problem. That is gone so right now I'm left with just a lot of suck.

    Getting a dual sim phone to find out a feature was lost because of it is also frustrating. Thankfully i don't get tons of voice mail to really miss VVM, but when I do, i feel like i went back in time. It sucks that I didn't ask for a dual sim and have no need for one.

    Last night both phones went into the fast track and got the .36 update. I believe the .29 update was more necessary than MS led on. I'm hoping the experience improves as I'm stuck with these phones and no one wants 2nd hand Windows phones.

    I haven't reset the phones yet, so hopefully the in place update works. One drive photo upload is still unreliable so I have to figure out if all photos made it up yet.

    I do software development (gov contracting, nothing exciting) so I try not to blast other developers. I know how hard things are. MS should not have released these phones with win 10. They should have shipped with 8.1 with the option for people to get 10 even if that meant not having windows hello.

    We survived with the phones just barely. My wife and I are just really frustrated. My wife is frustrated with me because windows mobile is my choice. She wanted a new phone after her 911 call could not be completed as the phone locked up while connecting. I'm tired of being a cheerleader. This was another botched launch by MS. Nearly 1400 dollars wasted right now.
    12-21-2015 08:27 AM

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