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  1. anthonyng's Avatar
    It's consumer ready enough for my mom! =D I put windows 10m insider on a Lumia 640 to upgrade my mom's Blu Win Jr. She's getting along fine with it and can do what she needs without issue.

    (minus the fact that she keeps answering a skype call without video somehow and each time I have to go through the process of guiding her to find the way to put her video on while she's yelling at me "but I can see you! I can see you!" lol)
    12-23-2015 01:01 PM
  2. ScubaDog's Avatar
    Gary here is my advise.... Take back the phone and go get whatever "Works" for you. We get it... your not happy with it. Obviously you never bought a phone before that just came out with a new type of hardware and software. I was there at the starting of Android, trust me they had worse problems. I know what I am getting myself into.... it's called the forefront of new technology, and I am expecting to have problems, A lot matter of fact. It is something I am willing to deal with.I am sorry it isn't what you expected, but those of us who are making the switch from Android to WP10, we know what we are getting ourselves into, and we know that patience is virtue.
    In Gary's defense, I bought each of these devices the first day they came out: Samsung Focus, LUMIA 900, Lumia 920, LUMIA 1020. I bought these devices well after they began discounting them: LUMIA 635, Lumia 640. I can honestly say that in NO cases did ANY of those devices give me a headache or issues. WP7, WP8 and WP8.1 functioned as smoothly as I expected. Meanwhile, when I loaded W10M on the LUMIA 635 and 640 (which was my intent with those devices all along) I understood they would be betas. What it served to prove to me was that I hated what Microsoft was doing with the operating system and that W10--unlike WP8--COMPLETELY depended on the hardware to give you anything close to an acceptable performance experience. The 635 is virtually unusable with W10M. The 640 is BARELY acceptable. But, stupidly, my wife and I were swayed by those who had gotten the 950 early and claimed that W10 was awesome on these new devices. Well, I can tell you that's not true. We both see "resuming" a LOT, and all of the issues Gary describes as well. And THEN some. Not to mention that that camera isn't nearly as good as my 1020 (with the exception of speed). The OS is STILL beta and this hardware is, too.
    12-23-2015 01:06 PM
  3. Gunbust3r's Avatar
    So essentially MS is incapable of producing a decent hardware and decent software after going though so many iterations. and now everyone is pinning their hopes on surface phone which is going to be a disaster considering how surface book being a first gen has turned out to be.
    Indeed. Look at the Marvel Avastar disaster of a WiFi/Bluetooth chip that has plagued the surfaces from the beginning. That trash is still around in the Surface Book and Pro 4. 7 devices and they still issue "did we fix it yet?" driver and firmware updates for it.
    12-23-2015 01:51 PM
  4. Zoolok's Avatar
    This is a new OS with new HW. Again, my post was in response to his post. He reported little problems that we are all facing and I'm so satisfied that I can ignore those problems and enjoy my phone with all the apps I need. As an early adopter I can live with small issues.

    In your case it looks like you have BIG issues so I wouldn't call your problems early adopter problems. A crash here and there and a FB app that you don't like can be an early adopter problem; in your case you are saying it does not work at all so for you it is a different situation and you should change environmet completely. (920->930->950 here)
    You may consider yourself an 'early adopter', but the vast majority of people just go out and buy a phone and that is it. And while I agree that you cannot expect some cutting edge technologies to work right away (e.g. Cortana, Continuum, maybe something else), camera use, messaging, browsing, music playback and the rest are not cutting edge and should work right out of the box.
    12-23-2015 02:07 PM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    ...you have to google it...
    ...I used Bing...

    Score one for Rich.
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    12-23-2015 02:42 PM
  6. mark233's Avatar
    12-23-2015 02:51 PM
  7. Paolo Ferrazza's Avatar
    Score one for Rich.
    The funny thing is that I said google it and not bing it because in Italy google search engine returns the right link at first position while bing will show it down the list :D
    12-23-2015 03:20 PM
  8. Paolo Ferrazza's Avatar
    Another funny thing is I thought this thread was about Lumia 950 and not 950 XL, sorry :D
    12-23-2015 03:25 PM
  9. Zeem Frostmaw's Avatar
    rushed release deadline
    You can't possibly be serious.
    12-23-2015 04:36 PM
  10. snakebitten's Avatar
    As far as recommending the 950(XL) to anyone, I am someone who by my very profession get asked for recommendations continuously.
    I suspect if I did a poor job of it, it would cut way down on the demand. :)

    I admit that I would recommend the 950(XL) to far fewer people than I would recommend a 1520 or a 640 to. And there are plenty of folks that I don't recommend Windows Phone too at all. (almost entirely based on if they would experience a painful "app-gap"......not everyone does)
    There are folks who absolutely LOVE Windows phone that I have thought they would.

    I'm just honest with people. And I am willing to support them with my advice.

    A good example is the Surface Pro 4. I have deployed quite a few, and all but one succesfully. (defective. Exchange was fine) But I flat out almost demanded that I be the one that set it up for each user. I knew the average user wouldn't know the solution(s) to many of the out-of-the-box issues that a newly released bleeding edge platform would come with.

    I feel the same way about the 950(XL). If I get my hands on it and I do not have a defective unit, I am more than capable of handing over a really nice phone for the user(S) that I pre-qualified.

    In a way, I am both defending Microsoft, yet agreeeing with many of the complaints. Such is my life.

    And my 640, 1520 and 950XL are awesome devices with Windows 10 Mobile. But then I obvioulsy must like Windows 10 mobile.
    And full disclosure: The 950XL is my "daily driver", as many folks put it. And I MUST trust it, just as most would.
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    12-23-2015 04:50 PM
  11. paulxxwall's Avatar
    I felt the same, last minutes ago. I was a bit disappointed, or I expected too much from it. I went Microsoft Online Store and was about to request for return. I would to go NYC tomorrow to return at the store, and planned to buy iPhone 6s Plus instead. After doing some researches, I instead decided to keep Lumia 950 XL.

    I think that every phone and OS has its own downside. Besides apps, Lumia 950 XL is far superior than all other phones in the market right now. It just takes few more time to reach its capability. For now, Lumia is in a good shape.
    You wanna put some $ on that ? It wouldn't stand a chance against a note 5 let alone my sweet and powerful 6s+ .....sorry
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    12-23-2015 05:11 PM
  12. Jazmac's Avatar
    You make it sound like having it in your hand at the store would magically allow you to discover these things. Since you cannot make or receive calls on the stores devices, you don't get to see how horrible the button placement is or how the IRIS scanner remains on after a call every now and then and subsequently drain your battery. You can't see that there are messaging issues. The list goes on and on!

    Until you have the device working outside the store, in the real world, only then can you appreciate how unspecial it all is.
    You are correct about know really knowing how well it'll function until you actually fit it into your schedule.

    But what I am actually saying is some of what you have discovered is already out there in multiple places. Particularly those sites that actually respect the platform. WMPU, NeoWin and Winbeta to name a few. In fact, our own Daniel Rubino did several video reviews and discussed this. Making the decision to spend 800 plus bucks for me is monumental and keeping it beyond two weeks is a commitment. I have to either go all in, stay at home. You, big balla, seemingly did it without the benefit of blogs, many that get review devices for free. I don't envy your checkbook, just commenting on your "discovery." Having said that, I'm still getting one. I just won't be a Lumia early adopter anymore. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. They are notorious for spending more time cross-shipping than making phone calls. But when you get one that works, its a thing of beauty.
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    12-23-2015 05:11 PM
  13. desaideas1's Avatar
    OP is right in a lot of ways.

    If you have a background like his, or even me (Silicon valley, startups, mobile, social, cloud, electronics, manufacturing). Your completely blown away with how mismanaged this investment has been.

    I haven't experienced all the issues that OP has, but was still completely underwhelmed with the lack of clarity in focus that this product launch had in comparison to all the other hardware (band 2 not included, because I think it's garbage) that Microsoft launched, at least in terms of build quality and customer experience.

    We do have to break the Windows Phone conundrum into two main aspects (prelaunch) into hardware/software and post launch of customer experience/marketing communication.

    So I'll dive in and give my own take on each of these aspects.

    1. Hardware
    Specs: I for one, don't have any problem with the specifications of the device, the processor, memory, imaging sensor and ancillary pieces are relatively modern and sit well within a range for "high performance" with almost negligible gains for waiting for Snapdragon 820 (which won't be ready till Q2 16 anyways). With all things hardware, it's a pipe dream to intersect yield quality, performance and cost on the forefront of innovation and availability.

    Summary: The 950/XL have fantastic specs that are innovative, capable and leave no competitive advantage to competing platforms.
    Design: In terms of repairability, the 950/XL are on the right track, the removable back, ease of disassembly, etc. are highly competitive and have comparable advantages.

    Design UX:
    The lack of capacitative buttons is completely negligible since W10M has fantastic logic to it's positioning, availability. The Volume/Power implementation is unique, and does depart from expected operation. Personally, the positioning (grouping) is highly thumb friendly, with no buttons being out of reach of the right thumb (XL) and the left index finger (XL), I can't comment on the non XL model, but in store I found it to be similarly well placed.

    Dividing the volume rocker is controversial. Without a case, I did see myself inadvertently hitting the lock screen button. With a case (caseformers) there is added resistance, which has nullified this issue for me. I actually have similar inadvertent lock screen activation with my SP3 and I question the value of a single (imo, double is preferred and should be user selectable) click lock (for what purpose is the user engaging lock? Since the expected behavior is to cease usage, success in engaging expected behavior is less important than unintended engagement of expected behavior.)
    In essence, false positives are more harmful to UX than true positives.

    In another use case scenario, docking (placing the phone into a car mount) I find that there is a conflict of interest in that mounts are meant to grasp a device in it's most stable position, just as your hand is meant to do. Software screen behavior in landscape can be quite frustrating.

    Design Materials and Style:( Front)
    The front of phones today is a screen, it leaves little creativity and choice and there are some glaring things that frustrate me. For one, there is no forward facing speaker, on the 950XL, in anything other than calls, there is no forward facing speaker. Chalk it up to the thinning nature of smartphone design and reducing the manufacturing requirements for your display vendor.
    These effect which vendor you can choose, how much money they will charge for implementing Gorilla glass 4 with more points of failure? Whether the vendor is capable of producing the yields, and expected performance in relation to a weighted price point of total billable materials?
    In such a large screen, it's impressive to use the latest and greatest in both screen technology and screen resilience while reducing the "work" (=price gouging) of the supplier to provide adequate supply.

    Perhaps the most poignant choice is the word, "Microsoft" which believe it or not as a brand lands itself front and center on NOT A SINGLE OTHER product that is sold at the Microsoft store, or by Microsoft. In fact, this is the greatest brand positioning statement made that FURTHER degrades the value of Microsoft's brand in a COMPLETELY consumer brand dominated segment. Tip to Microsoft, you're a conglomerate of brands, the most ill regarded name in consumer tech is Microsoft...lest you be a fool to try and change the opinion outright.

    The renders of this phone pre-launch were extremely subjective being renders, rather than real in life photos.
    The leaks, were absolutely un-Microsoft, and an issue which I hope that Microsoft legal is investigating and results in firings.
    Objectively, consumers, brand loyalists were in utter disdain at the state of affairs. For one, they were looking for the merging of Nokia and Microsoft to create something amazing. Especially from a 7.2 billion dollar acquisition of one of the most world renown mobile phone manufacturers.

    Back to the design of the rear of these phones, the concept, and obvious design direction in having a fully replaceable rear cover for these phones is a good move, it makes sense, and its ONE of the HIGHEST cards that a manufacturer can deal to it's consumer. That card results in sentiments of OPENNESS (Pun intended) and RESPECT compared to the non secular, cult like behavior of other manufacturers.
    That we have dual sim, expandable storage, replaceable battery, high reparability for components like the charger, QI/NFC, etc... is actually a HUGE play against the completely moronic (IMHO) project Aria concept from the failed Motorola/google. With the open connectors and relative ease of manufacturing custom back plates there are a ridiculous number of innovative back plates that could be implemented to completely change the use case (pun intended) of the phone. For example, I can build a back that modified the NFC to be MicroNFC capable for the manufacturing and tooling industries or add USB-C bypass for charging capabilities in a dock scenario. Building an extended battery case that has ZERO interaction via USB-C is also a potential scenario. All in all, the ports and capabilities via the replaceable back cover are industry leading.

    However, when it comes to the included back, it's aesthetic design COMPLETELY fails to capture and complement the existing and newly created branding of other Microsoft products.
    At the flagship price point, there was no inclination for a customer/fan/loyalist to ever show off the device unadultered by a case.
    That Microsoft has all the expertise and capabilities in the world to produce a magnesium composite back cover that is CNC machined with superior durability, scratch resistance, and unmistakable build quality and chooses not to is remarkably head scratching.
    The dilemma with using a metal back, and implementing QI/NFC does not escape me. QI is an issue that caused an initial rift between AT&T/Nokia/MSFT and has an unparalleled use case when implemented properly. Not only does it solve a key usability engagement, it offers a futuristic implementation in user power experience. Unfortunately, USB-C, larger batteries, better power throttling OS diminish the favorability of the use case. In my application of the 950XL (without the bugs others experience), I'm able to do full 3D gaming for hours on end and plug in for 30-45 minutes to get my self back to 50% charge.
    With QI, there are issues with the large footprint of the device and appropriate placement and the significantly reduced charging capabilities when below 60% battery. In essence, many of the issues with port resilience (an issue I had with the 920, 1020), charge rates (microUSB), and battery consumption (W10M on any Nokia device) are mainly resolved.

    I have several QI docks, including a Nokia, a third party, and a super slick Panasonic that auto aligns with the exact right distance/position to optimize charging rates. Unfortunately, there is a diminishing value in return for QI especially since the current implementation offers less charging speed than Quick charge 2.0 (with 3.0 on the horizon). The entire investment into QI not only conformed design requirements, ancillary accessory purchases, and universal implementations just do not compete with what could have been a simple, flat magnetic charging capability that was not USB-C based. Don't get me wrong, I loved QI on my 920, and missed it sorely on my 1020, but on the 950XL, it's a relatively moot capability. The truth is that a majority of the design of the rear of the 950/XL was a result of a further investment in a futuristic, but uncompetitive technology. It's sad to say that the lack of included QI charger (and a display dock instead) was a further reflection that Microsoft did not want to lead consumer interest (keeping their battery charged) and instead fell to consumer "wants" which, IMHO, 95% of consumers have complete garbage capability to know what they "need". NFC, in my research is not as easily effected by metal (As shown by iPhone 6/s/Galaxy) especially if thickness is reduced. Magnesium, and it's alloys offer amazing properties in comparison to it's density (International Magnesium Association (IMA): Magnesium Basics - Physical Properties). So, IMHO, QI is the leading cause of design aesthetic failure in the 950XL, leading only slightly to the brand "Microsoft" which would have been replaced with "Surface" had a similar fit and finish of the other Surface devices be implemented.

    I'm getting a little winded (and in truth, detailing my analysis is more beneficial personally than however the rest of the community may appreciate it). So I'll just conclude this tldr segment with a brief synopsis.

    Microsoft, despite it's internal politics and changing of the guard had a huge opportunity to re-evangelize one of their most devout bases of customers post Nokia acquisition. A lot of Joel Belfiore's amazing passion and dedication that built Windows Phone 8/.1 positioning it as the hybrid of Apple thoughtfulness and capabilities in constricted design/minimum specs, mandated capabilities has been lost. While initially the strategy offered OEM's the capability to add their own flare (even Nokia the full capability to significantly iterate upon the base OS) and removing the completely utter lack of thoughtfulness and fragmentation of Android which imo, destroyed a majority of the promise of mobile computing; it left Windows Phone without the synergies to make a viable play for marketshare in a blue ocean.

    While there is a lot of cloak and dagger strategy surrounding the Nokia acquisition, we all know of the purported Android phones they were designing on the low end and to supplement the failed adoption of Windows Phone in the marketplace. Today, we know that Nadella and Gates were against the Nokia acquisition, Gates having significant doubt on the bloated dying giants capability to provide value as he had authorized over $5 Billion dollars in kick backs to both Samsung and Nokia in marketing and development investments. In one aspect, I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the Nokia acquisition came WITHOUT Nokia Here, an asset that was core to the innovation happening at Nokia AND recently valued at 3.2 Billion dollars, by major automakers which once again, was the NEXT opportunity for user engagement and profiteering. In another aspect, I'm so happy that under Nadella, Microsoft shed the dead weight of Nokia indiscriminately, throwing out the good, the bad, and the ugly apples to retain at maximum 200 million dollars per annum in talent. I'm also glad that they let the business fail for a year (as a stock holder) so that they could take the full write off of 7 billion dollars, and save ~3 billion dollars in taxes. In net, it makes the Nokia acquisition cost time (which universal apps needed) and $4 billion + change.

    Coming out of the corporate strategy and into the business strategy, Windows Phone was a dead fish. Anyone in Panos Panay's position would chose to build the Surface Pro 3/4/Book because they were untapped markets with no room but to grow. On the phone front, the challenge was way beyond Microsoft's capabilities in software, especially relying on people assets that had zero job security (so much so that many fled to Apple). Microsoft's strategy however, for a company with the highest R&D investment, smartest people, and complete underdog optimism STILL should have focused on implementing the Surface vision in mobility. While I haven't covered W10M's underpinnings and challenges, they should have coveted the community that has stuck around for the past 2 years, waiting and wishing for flagship products.

    Is the 950/XL a flagship device? No. Is it positioned as such? Yes. Does it have the specifications to compete as a flagship device? Yes. Does it have the aesthetics to compete as a flagship device? NO.

    And why did this happen? A lack of passion and thoughtfulness in branding and consumer experience for yet another release cycle. W10M's lack of certified operating trends which led un-verified battery and performance statistics and "listening" to consumers (myself included) whining about QI, instead of innovating on the paradigm of power to an equally acceptable standard. Further divesting the investment in aesthetics and turning to a third party case manufacturer that couldn't meet demand nor in-store availability...wow what a sucker punch to your own belly.

    What's truly sad is that not a single Microsoft fan in the phone category sat there with ANY other wish than a new flagship phone. We didn't ask for Surface Pro 4, which has negligible improvements over the previous generation. We weren't inclined to spend 2k on a Surface Book to achieve hybrid graphics capabilities. We weren't salivating over Apple Watch and Android Wear that practically NONE of our friends and colleagues were able to justify by waiting for Band 2. All we wanted was a new. flagship. phone. And yet they held a press conference, got our hopes up, and paper launched a half hearted attempt to satisfy the only demographic that has believed in their product and then left the experience in a perpetual beta with a wide range of unsuccessful experiences. All of the arguments on this forum have responses like, "hard reset dude", or, "did you call ATT and give them a different IMEI?", or, "You have to manually program the APN for LTE". or "It's a beta software, so I don't know why you are complaining". It's all BS that makes Steve Job's comment on Microsoft, "everything they do is mediocre" so unfortunately true.

    Do I like my 950XL? Yes. Did I like my purchase experience? No.(sans store associates, they rock) Do I care about the "free display dock"?, only insofar as it was a "$100" value.
    Do I show off my 950XL? No. Am I glad that I have 99.99999999% less "loading and resuming" screens? OMFGBBQ yes. And that actually sums up the entire success of the current release. I bought it because I'm a loyalist to the OS aesthetic and experience, and the older flagship devices were completely devoid of a user experience acceptable in a "Darmok at Tanagra", "Shaka when the walls fell", "In Soviet Russia phone calls u" type of way.

    Anyways...I think this post is TLDR, so good luck with that.
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    12-23-2015 05:56 PM
  14. garyhartaz's Avatar
    desaideas1 - Bravo! You have summed things up very nicely.

    You point on the battery, charging, etc. is right where I am at on the 950 family. I don't get the need for a removable battery when you have fast charging options. Plus, who carries individual batteries these days? Most of the road warriors I meet have power pads capable of charging multiple devices. I really feel they let the battery dictate the design.
    12-23-2015 06:22 PM
  15. mark233's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading that desaideas1 .... I read it all and gawd I hope there isn't a test later
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    12-23-2015 07:09 PM
  16. CraigGB's Avatar
    And stop comparing WM10 to Android, android marshmallow had bugs but it wasn't as bad as W10M when it was new.
    Which btw lets not forget the fact Marshmallow was supposed to be out AFTER W10M since Microsoft announced they would've released the OS mid of THIS year.
    Right now, Marshmallow is already a stable OS.
    Well that would be because Marshmallow was a massive bugfixing and stability update after Lollipop which was pretty awful, in much the same way I expect Windows 10 Mobile to be a lot better in a year then it is now, I will compare them because when Lollipop which was a big overhaul for Android was released my battery life halved from KitKat, crashes and reboots were fairly common when it was first released only to be fixed after a few months. it was quite the mess. turns out there is a advantage unless you have a Nexus device to waiting several months for a update to the newest OS as you should get it with several months of bug fixes.

    While Microsoft should be criticized for releasing Windows 10 Mobile before it is ready the problem is it isn't like they are the only ones to do it, as a user of Windows Phone, Android and iOS all 3 have suffered from it in the past, Lollipop wasn't much better then Windows Mobile 10 on release in my experience, meanwhile Apple hasn't had what I would call a stable OS upgrade since iOS6, iOS 7 was pretty bad in regards to battery life, iOS8 improved this but bought in OS stability problems and thankfully iOS9 was like Marshmallow a stability update that has improved things. though on the new phones such as my iPhone 6S Plus it had plenty of problems at launch. like it would heat up and I would experience large amounts of battery drain, randomly it would slow down to a crawl when I turned the screen on to unlock it and until iOS 9.01 (I think that was the first update) I had the home button on several occasions randomly heat up to the point it was painful to touch.

    Sadly it seems to be a common trend for these big OS overhauls to be released before they are ready. it's not exclusive to Windows Phone, on Android Central or on Macrumors there are lots of unhappy people, especially around the time of new hardware or a OS update, the best advice I can give is if you want stability and don't want problems then be patient and don't buy brand new hardware running brand new software. :)

    I'm not posting this to defend Microsoft, actually more the opposite as I think they should be criticized for it, I'm just saying it's not only them at fault for this kind of thing like some people seem to be making out.
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    12-23-2015 07:25 PM
  17. colinkiama's Avatar
    SMH with the blind fanboyism in this thread!
    There's two sides, die hard Lumia fans that are so happy about the hardware that they don't care about how buggy the software is at the moment and people who understand that the average consumer would just return the product back because the OS is too buggy.

    We should be happy that there are people defending the device since they are the ones that are actually increasing Windows 10's numbers, making the platform more attractive for devs.
    12-23-2015 07:39 PM
  18. Josh Harman's Avatar
    There's two sides, die hard Lumia fans that are so happy about the hardware that they don't care about how buggy the software is at the moment and people who understand that the average consumer would just return the product back because the OS is too buggy.

    We should be happy that there are people defending the device since they are the ones that are actually increasing Windows 10's numbers, making the platform more attractive for devs.
    Then there's a third set of people. Us with a 950 that's not having any issues.
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    12-23-2015 08:10 PM
  19. DoctorSaline's Avatar
    As shameful as this is, but when you look at what's been going on at Microsoft with regards to devices group and reorg, this wasn't unexpected. With so many layoffs in devices division, the headquarters of devices group in Helsinki Finland at least till August 2015, while the OS development team in Redmond Washington , I don't even know how they even communicate effectively with each other. Then there are other matters of laying offs of testing groups to speed up the coding development and product release cycle and we can begin to understand the extent of these problems. This thousands of miles of distance between devices and OS group, with sword of impending layoffs hanging over your head, and this changing culture of faster code development and product release cycle is clearly taking its toll. But the good news is that the reorg is almost complete. The devices and OS group has been merged together as Windows and Devices group and with Panos taking over as head of all Microsoft devices in where I presume as that secretive Building 86 in Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, I am expecting better things to come. The hardware will clearly be better and I'm sure that Microsoft will have learnt a lot with their fiasco regarding Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with both of these shipping with unoptimized drivers and firmwares. As for OS quality assurance, I've a feeling that it will take some time for Microsoft engineers to adapt to this changing culture but they will go back to their old ways of shipping polished products soon, think the polish and finish of windows phone 8 but with a lot more features, power and versatility. I'm more glad with the as of yet seemingly positive response from the developers and services and I'm hoping that OEMs will jump aboard this bandwagon as well. Hopefully greater times ahead of us. As for the money you spent, you should return this phone. You clearly deserve better for the amount of money you spent. The rest of us here are for something more. We are a part of a community that is making windows better and we are willing to endure some tough times in order to support the platform of our choice and the platform we love.
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    12-23-2015 08:21 PM
  20. DoctorSaline's Avatar
    Sadly it seems to be a common trend for these big OS overhauls to be released before they are ready. it's not exclusive to Windows Phone, on Android Central or on Macrumors there are lots of unhappy people, especially around the time of new hardware or a OS update, the best advice I can give is if you want stability and don't want problems then be patient and don't buy brand new hardware running brand new software. :)
    ^ Also, this. Best advice ever.
    12-23-2015 08:24 PM
  21. garyhartaz's Avatar
    The rest of us here are for something more. We are a part of a community that is making windows better and we are willing to endure some tough times in order to support the platform of our choice and the platform we love.
    I also support the Windows platform and this really has my concerned. What other groups are under similar strain? Are we going to start seeig Server, SQL , and Azure gaps as new versions come out? This really has my concerned as a Microsoft supporter and developer. I will return the phone on the last day I can and in the meantime, I will continue to use my 1520.
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    12-23-2015 09:29 PM
  22. RumoredNow's Avatar
    [WARN]Other users are not a topic. If you can't refrain from making personal remarks this thread will be closed.[/WARN]
    12-24-2015 12:40 AM
  23. LumiaWorld's Avatar
    Woah dont close it yet!!!!
    12-24-2015 12:53 AM
  24. Aardappelboom's Avatar
    I love my 950xl BUT I do need to call a lot and I agree that the bluetooth connection is not reliable enough for a 699 phone. This should indeed get fixed faster.

    Facebook is faster for me, a few bugs but all in all the phone is a lot faster than anything I ever owned. That said I came from a htc 8x, which has a track record of being slow and buggy in the end.
    12-24-2015 04:04 AM
  25. MikeSo's Avatar
    I had the exact same issues (BT, black screen from SMS notifications, reboots, etc) as the OP on my Icon, so whatever is causing them, it's not faulty hardware. I assumed it had to do with the OS not being optimized for the Icon, but it's disappointing to hear that the same things are happening on the 950/XL, which should've been tailor made for this OS. I was happy using W10M on my Icon, but if I bought a brand new $700 phone, I'd have been much more annoyed.

    And let's not even mention the FB app. That thing needs to just be killed off and replaced by a shortcut to the website. It is seriously worse to have it on the phone than not have it.
    12-24-2015 04:55 AM
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