1. Matthew Fifer's Avatar
    I know lots of other people have posted threads about battery life, but I have not noticed anyone else having a situation like mine. Either everyone seems to have great battery life, or horrible battery life. Mine can only be called schizophrenic, because I never know what "personality" I will be waking up to.

    Every night prior to bed, I charge it to 100% and unplug it, then I power cycle it. When I wake up 7 hours later, some days my phone will have only lost 5-10% battery which is great, and it makes me thrilled to see. Other days, I wake up and it went from 100% to anywhere between 30-60% overnight with nothing running.

    Now, I don't ever alter what services are on/not on, or change anything else, but I get wildly different results every single day. Some nights I even leave the phone OFF, turn it on the next morning and the battery has somehow depleted 10% overnight when the phone was not even on.

    Is this the phone, or did I just get a bum battery?
    01-12-2016 09:48 AM
  2. Justin Engel's Avatar
    I did a hard reset on my phone. I think I had something similar. I never knew what days battery life was bad or good, and I didn't ever use the phone extensively that would cause it to use so much battery.

    After a couple of weeks the batter seemed to improve. In the end I did a hard reset on my phone which fixed a lot of different issues I was having, so that's my suggestion.
    01-12-2016 10:06 AM
  3. WoodyPWX's Avatar
    If I fully charge my Lumia 950xl SS, over night it's on 88% of battery (wifi and BT enabled, connected to Band 2). Last tested it on the latest FW and .36 build. Could be better with .63 though, but MS is silent what exactly has been fixed. Anyway, to achieve that score I had to log out from Skype in both Messaging + Skype app and stand alone Skype app. I had to also end the Edge app and switch all email accounts (exchange, gmail and outlook) to manual sync. All of those caused me battery problems in the past. Once I had also high CPU usage even without any official app running (there was just an svchost.exe running in the dev. process explorer). Soft reset fixed that. But it was scary, so I went back to my year old iPhone 6+ 64GB and tested the same. After the night, I had STILL 100% of battery!! Also wifi and BT enabled, connected to Band 2. I also have many apps "active" in the background (but I'm sure they are sleeping reliably) and email synced using push tech. *Sigh* A long way for MS to reach the iOS reliability.
    01-12-2016 10:24 AM
  4. tgp's Avatar
    Every night prior to bed, I charge it to 100% and unplug it
    Why don't you leave it plugged in overnight?
    01-12-2016 10:44 AM

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