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    Okay so, there have been multiple threads about this issue but my issue seems a little different than what i have seen, After the latest firmware update on the .63 build. i have been getting really good standby times, i lose 1%/hr on Wi-Fi and 3%/hr on cellular data when i have 4 email accounts, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, YouTube accounts running in the background. I lose half of the battery on power saver which is awesome, when i don't use my phone.. Just this morning i woke up, i had 45% left, i started my daily routine of getting the news updates, etc. My routine is this, baconit - TimesOfIndia - mytube! - news - twitter - windows central - 6tag - mail - WhatsApp - Wmpoweruser, Phonearena , Pocketnow, etc. on edge.
    I lost 23% battery that is in about 55 minutes. this kind of battery loss is insanely bad even if i was playing a high res game. Things were exactly opposite on the last firmware and build. I would lose about 10% during my routine, which at the time i thought was poor, and standby was roughly 3 times the current numbers. and this was one of the reasons i upgraded, except the constant restarts and grainy low light images. i replicated the exact same thing on my Lumia 630 on the .63 as well and it barely lost 6%, sure it didn't have the 2 sims in it nor the larger screen, but the difference is too massive to be acceptable.

    The battery usage is no help either, the battery consumed per app is relative to the amount of time i spent on it, but the amount of battery it consumed is staggering.

    What makes matters worse for me is the idiotic battery meter.. i just tried this yesterday. I let my phone off charger at 100% before i sleep, in the morning it is at 92% not bad. So i had a long day ahead so i just plugged in the charger again, and within 2 seconds the phone was at 100% and it stayed there when i unplugged. i thought i was a bug so i restarted. down to 88%. I plug in again and within 2 minutes its at 100% again. I have no freaking idea what is happening here. I am pretty sure i don't have a bad device, it works perfectly fine otherwise and issues started happening after the update, i could hard reset but i not sure it will help with anything..
    Any suggestions that can help would be nice, because i haven't been soo stressed about my phone battery ever.
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    01-16-2016 04:42 AM
  2. mikepalma's Avatar
    Had.my XL about a week, tried hard reset and latest build.
    .the battery life is horrible. Stand by drops quickly and any amount of usage kills it 6 hours or less.

    This flagship is wonderful except for the horrible battery life
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    01-16-2016 06:14 AM
  3. peter leung 10586's Avatar
    my 950xl eats very little energy when it is idle. but it consumes a lot when it is in use.

    for idle time, it use 14% for 19 hours of idle time, approximately.

    when in use, the battery drains. surfing the web with edge for half an hour consumes 20%.
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    01-16-2016 09:50 AM

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