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    I am using the 950XL at my work and love it.

    Recently I bought a USB Microphone (Rode Podcaster). It works really well while using it to record voice-interviews with the audio recorder..but while shooting video the phone uses the internal mic instead of the external!?

    Today I also tried with Rode SmartLav+ using the normal audio-part. Still the microphone could not be used in video but works fine with voicerecorder. And yes - I added the microphone to let it use the camera.

    When connecting the same microphone to my Iphone 6 it could instantly be used in video-mode...which is sad since I wanted to use the outstanding video in my 950XL.

    This just cant be right?! Why having a high-end phone with a beautiful camera and USB OTG and do not letting it to support external microphones (both 3,5mm and USB) in video???? In situations like this I actually feel a bit stupid not going for an iPhone as my primary phone.

    Have Microsoft simply forgotten to unlock something in the code for the video-app? Do they realize people actually uses the device in work for interviewing and so on....It just dont make any sense!? :/



    Per (Sweden)
    01-20-2016 01:27 PM
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    you should really create an account to better keep track of your posts :)
    01-20-2016 01:31 PM

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